22.09.2017 - Friday

10 Marketing Tips to Expand Your Business Via Mobile Applications

Meeting out the customers demand is continuous process. Sadly, competitors also started to realize the significance of this and they move towards fulfilling their customers.

Businesses need a tech-savvy & affordable options to showcase their products/services, which brings customer satisfaction.

Now I’m going to talk about the second ultimate option by which businesses can hold their regular customers, get new clients and increase brand visibility.

Yes, about Mobile app & its positive impact on business.

How Mobile Application is Beneficial for Business Development?

  • Mobile app is suitable for businesses whose products/services have potential users. Via mobile app, you can engage your customers positively and make your brand unforgettable among target people.
  • People prefer mobile app for online shopping – as it saves time, compare products price and most convenient method of shopping. Hence mobile apps are mandatory for ecommerce stores.
  • Mobile app is considered as modern tool to connect rapidly with customers. Therefore after developing a smartphone application, list it in Google Play Store for optimization. When your app is displayed on top of your competitors in Google Play Store then automatically you can reach target audience effortlessly.
  • Majority of people are using smart phones frequently. Recent research result stats that people use mobile for more than two hours per day. Thus it is not fair to miss out this wide business opportunity.

Here are the tips for businesses to maximize their sales via mobile app:

  • You need to plan the marketing strategy for promoting your products or services. Customers will just neglect the app that are loaded with unwanted features. And so, instead of developing the mobile app based on your interest, create one for your customers.
  • Give the “best first impression” for new visitors. The mobile app must be attractive and value-added for visitors to come back iteratively. The app features must be motivating for the visitors to sign-up and stay engaged. When the app fails to load its features or when the sign-up procedures are head-breaking, people will switch to your competitors.
  • User-friendly app gets more positive response. People hesitate to use mobile apps that lack in giving best features. For instance, bus ticket booking app fails in offering “Resend SMS” option. When you book a bus ticket in mobile app, you will probably receive a SMS stating the booking details. But in any case, if you didn’t receive the SMS, you need to login into the website to get the SMS message again. This creates a headache for mobile app users to use the app for ticket booking instantly.
  • It is also good to avoid more “Pop-ups” in the app. People bounce back as they don’t like to repeatedly close the pop-up menus.
  • You can give basic beneficial facilities for free and hide the rest in paywall. So customers who got attracted to your products will pay money to enjoy other extended amenities.
  • Encourage sales through mobile apps. You can offer discounts for people who download your app for product purchases. Not only regular customers but new target people will also get attracted to this.
  • The discounts which you offer must create an urgency to buy from mobile app. For instance, you can give offers for mobile app users stating as “Flat 50% discount” for people purchasing today. As the offer ends within a day, people will check into your app and buy instantly. Effectively utilize these triggering words to enhance sales.
  • Put your app presence in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter. Perform promotional activities via these medium to spread your deals virally.
  • Don’t forget to move along the trend. Before a decade, mobile app was not into digital marketing industry. But now, it became a never-changing trend. But proceeding further, mobile apps features might change according to people’s interest. So don’t just stop after creating the app. check your competitors & trend– time to time.
  • Surveys say that entertainment channels dominates the mobile apps. People prefer mobile apps for playing games, kids rhymes, cooking, listening to their favorite music, event planning, software downloads, online shopping, movie tickets, real estate, trip planning, online classifieds, budget planning, banking etc.., Hence if you are holding business of these kinds and still lack in mobile app platform then it’s high time to rush into app development.

Well, if you are technically good then you can develop mobile app by yourself. But if are not tech-savvy, you must get assistance from a mobile app development company.

Remember the below points while choosing the organization for developing your mobile app./p>

  • You can check reviews of the mobile app development company on internet & portfolio in their website before dealing the business.
  • Before short listing a mobile app development company, look into their experience in niche industry. As quality is directly related to the work experience, it must be checked.
  • If you are holding an ecommerce business, feasibility for developing the dynamic mobile app is crucial. You need to update the recent arrival products, each & every time on the smartphone app. Instead of developing the dynamic app, you can just create a static, front-end application which holds your business details.
  • Have a discussion about your requirements and budget. They will guide whether or not mobile app development is possible within the cost.
  • Interact with developers about the mobile app model and how to integrate your business into the mobile platform. Speech out the deadline for the project. As your mobile app is going to enhance your trade, prolonging its launch might disturb your business profit making goals.
  • Check whether the code meets out the development standards and features listed on mobile app are customer-friendly. When code fails to reach the development standards, it directly impacts the front-end of the app & in-turn affects user-friendly features.

Quickly, list your app in Google Play Store, after its launch. People will give preference for apps that are listed on top. And so it is essential to educate yourself about Google Play Store optimization techniques which is necessary to display your mobile application on first of search results.

Take these measures for developing a mobile app & never miss the business opportunities that you deserve.