4 New Web Application Development Trends in 2018

Web development is backbone for any businesses who wants to explore their services/products to their target people on Search Engines. On the other hand, web application development saves time and work of manual operation & confirms the accuracy of the tasks done. Here you can know the importance of web application development trends in brief:

  • Online presence is mandatory for today's businesses to get huge market place and to stand among other industrial competitors. For this, website presence is a MUST. Without proper website development, your website is inactive and cannot withstand any technical properties that users and search engine requires.
  • Web development offers the best user experience. And making the user comfortable with the website and business is necessary to hold the customer base. Via web development, users can access the website data with ease.
  • Business can grow as the implementation of web application development increases for their website. Thus it is essential to join hands with the best website application development service providers in the industry to develop the online presence.

Hence to boost the importance of the web application development and to make it advance in technology, every year begins with new trend and web application technologies which make a remarkable progression in online business. Some web app trends may drastically fail but few create a huge impact among netizens.

And so, businesses must closely monitor those changes in web design and development trends to utilize it for their online business growth as it holds many positive impacts for their trade.

Here you can know about the web application development trends that are going to rock the upcoming year.

1. Single Page Websites:

Through this technology advancement, developers can create a simple web design where they can load all the content in long scrollable page format. By this way, the clutter in the website is completely removed and paves way for clarity.

Experts have predicted that there are huge benefits for businesses by using single page website. To list few of them,

It is easy to convey about the services/products of the business and about the other details including contact number, e-mail id, call to action in one single page. And so the viewers get what they want in that page itself. This saves the time and improves the click-through rate of the website. If you are already doing SEO for your business promotion then I hope this point will be very useful. As CTR (Click through Rate) parameter must be high as it assists the business website to rank well on search engine results.

As discussed previously, the single page websites decreases the bounce rate and helps SEO people. Do you wonder what bounce rate is all about? It is the parameter which explains the amount of time people spend on the website pages. For example, if people move out of the website from home page then the bounce rate is high. On the other hand, if they navigate to other pages then it means they like the website and searching for other information.

But in single page website, all the information is showcased in wonderful manner, so bounce rate is reduced.

Single page websites comes with mobile responsive features and so it gets easily adapted to all devices. This gives best user experience for your clients who use the Smartphone and laptop devices.

2. Advanced Online Support System:

Staying close with the target audience and customers is most important for any businesses to know their feedbacks or queries related to services/products. If the businesses lack in this aspect then they cannot understand – What people are thinking about the business, does they require any changes in services or whether or not they are satisfied with present business services?

How to achieve that?

The simple answer is via “Advanced Online Support System”. This live chat system gives easy access for customers/target audiences to reach you quickly and get their queries answered.

To put it simple, the live chat is completely automated mechanism and it is the interface where the businesses and users interact effortlessly.

Presently, the networking platforms including Facebook messenger and Gmail chat uses this tech savvy feature. However in future many businesses will start to use this web application as it paves way for user interaction.

When you integrate the live chat website application in your website then users can ask details at any time without limiting to business hours. You can answer the queries via live chat from your mobile also when you are not in front of the desktop.

And via this, the businesses can cut-short the 24*7 support team. Users, at any hour, can ask “May I know the working hours of your store?” and when you login the Live Chat interface, the chat message will pop-up. You can answer immediately after seeing the question.

If you are interested to take the user-business interaction to next level then implementing this Live Chat is advisable.

3. Motion User Interface:

Motion UI is the top most preference given by web application developers for last few years. The best appealing website design is pointless when there is lack of informative data. And therefore businesses use Motion UI in projects which support usability.

Though the origin of motion UI is for mobile application, the website developers use it as a web application too.

What is Motion UI?

Through this feature, the web application developer highlights the important point about the business in the website. So that businesses can grab the user’s attention instantly after entering the website.

Motion UI technology is highly customizable and flexible where developers can craft the requirement in hassle-free way.

This trending web application may rock the upcoming year since it adds value to the business and makes changes in overall perspective of how users see the website.

Here are some of the best examples of Motion UI. Utilize any of these in website development and offer a great usability to website visitors.

  • Parallax,
  • Cloning,
  • Overlay and Offset-delay.

Hence if you don’t implement this web application technology then ask your developers to implement motion UI for your website. Thus there are ample chances for you to change your website visitors into prospect customers.

4. Photo Content:

The value of photo images always takes the upper hand in web application trends. A photo can say many things about the business services/products to customers.

This is not a new concept totally. However the photo content is going to get revamped in technology to pull more clients towards the business.

There are several advantages of visual content marketing. Let us look that in detail.

  • Content marketing is secret behind the business success. Adding to this, businesses can concentrate on making visually appealing content like product demo videos, infographics that gives powerful information to the website users, visual note-taking information etc. These are undoubtedly going to be the future in web application development trend.
  • Businesses can share the visual content in social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. According to the insights, the amount of videos uploaded in Facebook is increased by 3.6 times every year. In Twitter, the tweets that come along with pictures get 18% more user interaction and 150% of re-tweets. Hence why to miss these chance of doing better business online?

So what businesses must do regarding this?

Ask your website application developer to develop photo images that speaks about your business. Not limiting to photos, you can also include 360 degree videos that describes about the products in brief.

Uploading it on the website will grab the attention of website visitors and convert them your potential customers.