28.09.2017 - Thursday

6 SEO Principles That Every Website Service Providers Must Follow

Though there are plenty of SEO tactics to follow on regular basis - there is no shortcut for them.

You need to put lots of efforts and be a SEO monster to save a place for your business online.

Some SEO techniques fades away over time. For instance, article spinning, creating a spammy website footer, artificial stuffing of keywords in content. Google hates these SEO practices now.

But the other way, there are many other niche SEO tactics that are still loved by search engine giant & users. So online marketers can get benefited by using the below said seo principles to improve the business online.

Here it goes…

1. Reduce the Website Loading Time:

Many times, factors like eye-popping website design, trending functionalities, loads of images might increase the website loading time.

But remember, visitors will lose their patience and skip to your competitor within 15 to 20 seconds. Hence website loading time is significant factor in search engine rankings.

Fact Sheet That Tells When Users Will Move Away from Visiting a Website:

  • 73% of mobile users have faced web page loading problem while visiting a website.
  • 51% of mobile users have unfortunately tried to enter a website that is crashed and receives error.
  • Due to few seconds delay in loading resulted in 7% drop in business profit.

Hence, it is not advisable to make your business fall over due to bad website loading time.

Ask a web design company, whether or not; they give importance to this issue. You must also cross-check your domain loading speed before leaving it open for the website visitors.

2. Focus on UEO (User Experience Optimization):

Few years before, bringing a website in search rankings was the only goal for SEO experts. But now blending the user friendly experience with seo became the main focus.

You might have heard this word (UEO) many times across the web but not practiced in the online marketing strategies.

Everything that we do on web marketing is to bring website visitors and make them as customers. The UEO is one of the similar concept that SEOs must handle.

So how exactly must SEO Company do UEO?

  • It’s not just keyword research anymore. Put yourself into customers’ shoes and analyze how they search for your business online. Instead of guessing, allow for permutation and commination of keywords. Encourage using long term keywords too.
  • Give prime importance to searchers’ language. Many times, businesses won’t even know how the searchers’ search for their product/service in their preferred language.
  • Website visitors will always be in a hurry to grab the information they want. Hence make sure that your website holds the needs of your target audience. And whether or not, it is given in presentable manner.

3. Prepare Interesting Content That Improves the Website's CTR:

More CTR & More Website Traffic will bring your domain on top of search results. And so to drive target traffic to website - quality content that readers’ prefer is important. Isn’t it?

You may wonder how to write interesting articles.

The simple answer would be “Use Google Trends”.

Sometimes, businesses use Google trends for keyword research as this tool provides information about words and phrases that are mostly used by people around the globe.

And so, you can use the Google trends tool and find out the commonly used key phrases that are related to your industry and write content for the same.

Here is the Quick Tips to Use Google Trends:

  • Navigate to the tool and type in the key terms related to your niche. For example, search engine optimization.
  • You have four options to choose according to your need. You can select the country, customize time range, category and type of search - either it is image search, web search, news, or YouTube search.
  • When you select all these 4 preferences, you will be greeted with a graph with relevant search details. And search related topics and queries are displayed in the tool.
  • You can choose those related topics and prepare content for the same. As these are mostly searched topics on internet, by preparing content for it will bring more visitors for your blog.

4. Leverage Reliable SEO Tools:

Internet is loaded with plenty of SEO tools and choosing the right fit is challenging. The idea behind this piece of article is to tell you which SEO tool will be trust-worthy.

So don’t delay further to utilize the below mentioned tools to skyrocket your seo efforts.

For Keyword Research:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This is a free tool and most popularly used tool among online marketers.

Do You Know How to Use Google Keyword Planner?

If you are not aware of using this tool, here are the tips,

  • Firstly, you need a Google Adwords account to use the keyword research tool.
  • Select "Keyword Planner" from "Tools" option.
  • Enter the keyword ideas that are related to your products/services under "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category". For example, if you are selling "sea foods" in India then type in keywords like "sea foods in India", "Indian seafood".
  • You can enter the website URL, specific geographical location, negative keywords (If any). For example, if you are not selling prawns variety sea food then type "prawn sea foods in India" as negative keyword.
  • You will get ad group ideas and keyword ideas related to your niche along with monthly search & competition volume data.
  • Finally, You can pick the most relevant keywords and handle seo using the same.

For Creating Quality Rich Content:

HubSpot Content Topic Generator

Are you in demand for interesting topics to write? Use HubSpot Content Topic Generator and find out the hot trending topic.

This is most simple tool to get article topic ideas.

If you are in demand of concept title then simply enter into this tool,

  • You must enter keywords related to your business in noun1, noun2 and noun3 columns. For example, SEO in Noun1, Competitors in Noun2 and business in noun3
  • Press the “Give Me Blog Ideas!”
  • Article topics related to these nouns will be generated.

Does this tool sound interesting?

And adding to this, HubSpot content topic generator tool is free and can be used multiple times.

5. Create Mobile Responsive Websites:

Why businesses must opt mobile responsive designs? The answer is just simple - Google has added "Mobile friendly website designs" as one of the major search ranking factors.

Here listed are the other significant reasons to opt mobile responsive web designs:

  • If your website is mobile responsive, there are huge chances for it to rank high on Google search results.
  • Secondly, mobile device users' rate is increasing rapidly. As per Smart Insights, more than 20% of searches in Google are done via mobile devices. A responsive website offers seamless and optimal user experience.
  • If you are running an ecommerce business then mobile responsive website is a must. It is because, online shopping is growing at its peak. People prefer to buy the products online instead of travelling to physical shops.
  • The rise of social media usage has created an impact on mobile friendly websites. Nearly 55% of online users visit the social media sites via their mobile devices. Hence if your business website is mobile responsive then your customers can easily share the links and information about your business.

Hence businesses must consider mobile responsive website designs while creating a website for their business.

6. Make Complete Use of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a tool that never fails to give highly-valuable insights about the website.

Get details about the referral traffic.

Referral traffic gives complete information about how people find your niche online.

This is most important for any business as how they are exactly look in Google.

Discover the list of keywords that performs well for your business.

Usually businesses target on multiple keywords and rank well for few of them.

Figure out those high performing keywords, so that Seo Company can focus on it to reach bigger target audience.

Moving further, you can also do keyword optimization to bring low performing keywords too.

Quality check the bounce rate

This parameter clearly tells you the percentage of people move out of the website page without proceeding further. This self-explains that the bounce rate must be in control, not too high.

Find the reasons for high bounce rate and unloop those knots to hold the website visitors.


SEO companies and businesses are constantly searching for new seo strategies for the growth of their business.

Many of #1 search ranking techniques work at times. But not all of the sudden.

So instead of focusing on trial & error techniques, use the above given SEO practices for improving your trade online. As these are timeless tips, it can be used for long run.