30.05.2017 - Tuesday

Excellent And Powerful Tools To Help You Create A Website

Website is the face of your business. A Quality Web designing acts as your business card for the people who search for your product or services before approaching. Today internet has become a fact of business life, so whether small or large business online presence is a must to capture target customers. In this article we have picked some of the excellent tools to improve your work flow and get your ideas on the screen before launching your website.


Photoshop is a great tool to build websites which are visually appealing. It is used to mock up web pages and screens. Beautiful Web designing can begin with the features of Adobe Photoshop. A professional Web designing is prevalent high in demand these days, hence it is mandatory to improve online presence.

Photoshop will provide with you the skills that you need to create stunning website designs which will turn your visions into reality. This tool is used in Web designing to create UI elements, web graphics and functional mock ups. In addition to graphics, Photoshop tool also includes video editing, 3D design and animation features. For an effective Web designing, it is one of the strongest leaders in the foreseeable future. Some of the interesting options in Photoshop are.

  • Blurs – Useful for creating a sense of motion or speed
  • Smart Guides – Using Click “Alt+select” option you can duplicate layers and move in a spaced grid. This enables you to easily align and position objects.
  • Package Tool – this option let you create a folder of the images and link smart objects which you can share them in one go.
  • Camera Shake Reduction - helps restore sharpness of some shaky shots
  • Smart Sharpen - enables you to quickly reduce noise and halo effects


Dreamweaver is a leading Web design and development tool to build standard-compliant websites. It is a software program for designing web pages, basically a more fully featured HTML web and programming editor. Dreamweaver provides the tools to write code through a window which displays both code and design views. It incorporates templates which will give you plenty of different choices for Web designing layouts.

  • Code highlighting lets you read your code quickly when checking for errors.
  • Code suggestion feature helps code writers with CSS
  • Useful for editing HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and related files and also can be used to upload them to one's Web server.
  • Integrated CMS Support feature allows to author and test content management systems, including Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.
  • Intelligent Coding Assistance makes easy to write clean code
  • jQuery Mobile Swatches –a great tool for mobile development
  • Fluid Grid Layout – this aspect allows using media queries to determine the break points in where a website starts to resize the different elements, like headers, images, etc.

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is the most popular text editor for Windows that supports a wide selection of programming languages. This tool useful tabbed editing which allows working with multiple open files in a single window.

  • Macros - ability to automate the insignificant things that have to write on a daily basis
  • Quick Text – it is a plugin used to automate more complex tasks
  • File Comparison – this option allows to have two files open side-by-side rather than tabbed in one window
  • Multi-Language environment supported

WordPress and Joomla Plugins

Both WordPress and Joomla are content management systems used to create amazing websites. They can be expanded using plugins and provide the templates that can change the look of the website.

WordPress is useful to create websites with static pages. It is an excellent platform for the beginners to grow with. Joomla is a powerful CMS for building websites like business, corporate, government, non-profit, schools, and blogs. Both WordPress and Joomla platforms are expandable through the use of plugins and extensions. Plugins are available all over the web which you can buy or subscribe and upload to your website.

With increasing global internet users, website is a potent marketing tool for the businesses. A professional website provides the necessary information, scope for developing better products and for creating market strategies which will yield results. A quality Web designing will act as an anchor for your advertising efforts. We hope the tools we provided will help your business promotion by building a professional website.