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Facing The Challenge Of Your Web Hosting Problems And How To Resolve Them


Web hosting is the service of providing storage space on the internet for access of websites. Your customers should possess the ability to access every aspect of your website any time of the day or night. When you website is down, people cannot get information or make purchases through it. Every minute your website down it could mean losing another potential customer and also make your business to appear unreliable. This creates a negative impact on your reputation. Hence it is important to be aware of the possible Web hosting failures and overcome that at all points of time, to retain your credibility and avoid the annoying of your customers.

Possible Web Hosting Challenges And How To Tackle Them

Exceeded Bandwidth


Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that a website transfers over a period of time. The website speed is determined by the bandwidth of the web hosting. The lesser the bandwidth, the slower the website to load will be. If your website has lots of videos, images then you will require higher storage along with bandwidth. If the web page size is 50kb in size, it could be viewed 20,000 times. If each visitor view an average of 4 pages per month, then it mean 5000 unique visitors to the website every month. Hence if you have good visits for your website then you may experience your website unavailable because you have reached the maximum bandwidth allowed.


Images are necessary for every web page which can show thousands of words about the website. But use the images in short quantity with alt tags. Make use of CSS to call images. This can be the best way to introduce images. Determining how much bandwidth your website requests will help to avoid unwanted issues. Page views, file sizes, and the work required to create website pages all contribute to the bandwidth requirements. Usage of scripts and graphics are important to the web page hits in relative to views. Using analytics for evaluating the number of hits related with the website files can help to determine the bandwidth you need over time.

Web server is slow


When you experience slow loading speed it perhaps an indicator of slow server. Slow loading times are indicator of server quality. Usually, when a server is down, it means is that the program designed to respond to requests from the network is not doing so. A slow loading website can be frustrating, and lead to less traffic visiting for the website. If your website relies on e-commerce or advertisements this may result in substantially less revenue generation by your website.


Major Web hosting challenges come in the area of security. The updates and security patches should happen regularly and SLAs should be in place. An SSL certificate with HTTPS is perfect, beside with a regular look at backups.

Email Error- Mailbox Quota Exceeded


If you receive an error in webmail saying "Mailbox Quota Exceeded" then this error is in cPanel. This error is caused because of having too much mail in your account or the quota limit was set too low when the address has been created in cPanel. You may also see the problem as an email bounce, or as non-delivery report.


Using the hosting for email service that comes with your website is not a good idea. You better have to think of these two services as unrelated. Using a third party email hosting will be a better option.

How Jayam Web solutions web hosting help you get noticed?

Our great Web hosting features an integrated control panel which serves up the most important administrative options in a single location for your business. The control panel helps you control every web page and easily locate aspects like search engine optimization tools and logs.

If your business grows, your website may receive thousands of visitors. Databases and email accounts may require additional storage space. Our Web hosting solutions offer service plans which will let you upgrade your account to accommodate those changes. When your website has a problem, then you should be able to reach and get a quick response. In Jayam Web Solutions we understand that when your website needs to load in an eye blink, your mind should be at peace with your website’s safety. We respond in a super-timely manner when you face an emergency. If your website has malware on it, your web hosting account's security is compromised and somebody has uploaded malicious software to it. Our anti-virus scanner will not only find compromises in your files, but also removes them.

Our cutting edge functionality, with wide allocation for bandwidth and file storage, multi-layered spam control, and user-friendly control panel features of Web hosting helps your business to reach your business targets.


These days’ business owners use websites and blogs to engage with existing clients and in order to reach potential customers. The importance of selecting a good web hosting often takes a back seat in a successful business website. A web hosting company plays a major step in delivering your website to customer. A reliable web hosting solution ensures smooth and efficient running of your website and keep visitors engaged and sales steady.