21.04.2017 - Friday

Figuring Out The Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development


Web design and Web development are the two terms which so often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things. Understanding the differences between the two can help you to determine exactly the contribution of both when building a website. Web designing refers to the aesthetic portion of the website and as well it’s usability. It uses various design programs like Adobe Photoshop for creating the layout and other visual aspects of the website. Web development, occasionally termed as ‘programming’ or ‘back end’, is everything that goes on behind the scenes of a website. This process is more concerned with ensuring that website runs well and the code is clean, less concentrates on how the website looks.

Web Dresigning – A Closer Look

In essence, Web design is the front window of a website. This relates to what people see and interact with. And everything the customer will touch. The idea of the Web designing is to make the website with pleasant look and also easy to use. This process involves website visual aspects like lay out, optimal graphics, colours and text. Also entails to portray a website’s content in such a manner that will give out an appropriate look and feel to the target audience.

Web designers are tasked with the determination of how web content is displayed and ensures its placement for smooth and easy navigation. They use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Dream viewer and similar other programs and also familiar with coding’s like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The designing part of a website deals with the customer-facing or "front end" part. A good Web designer will be capable to use the design principles for creating a website that looks great and also understand about the websites usability and make it user friendly.

Web Development – A Closer Look

The Web development involves developing applications and functionality for the Internet. This process covers all code stuff which makes the websites work. A web developer builds the backbone of websites creating the websites with clean code which sounds technical rather than focusing on visual appeal. Web development activity involves - front-end development and back-end development. A front-end developer focuses on the visual design of a website created by the Web designer and builds it in code whereas back-end development deals with the advanced programming and interactions side of website pages. Backend Web development process emphases on the website functions and how the customers get things done on using certain functionality of website.This also includes various interactive web components that integrate to render a page and creating databases and program the web applications to use them appropriately. Web developers also carry out compatibility testing, which comprises testing of a website’s accessibility and in adherence to web standards. Advanced web developers may use Content Management System (CMS) like Word Press or Joomla to streamline development process and deliver the clients an easy way to maintain and update their website.

The web developers are like the construction workers; who build the foundation, and make sure that the structure is strong and functions the way it should. And on the other hand the Web designing is like the interior designing to create the visual aspect of the website more appealing and user-friendly. Web designers are characterised with a creative mind set, while web developers usually think of methodically and logically. Both the roles are absolutely essential in creation of website, and as time goes by these roles will collaborate together, or even merge into one.