13.04.2017 - Thursday

Mistakes That Hurt Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate And How To Fix Them


E-commerce is a commercial transaction which involves the transfer of information across the Internet. This is the methodology in which businesses and customers buy and sell goods and services through electronic channels. The changing market speaks to an immeasurable opportunity for businesses to enhance their relevance and expand their market in the online world. Ecommerce covers an expansive scope of business activities, from digital content utilized for online consumption to conventional orders of online merchandise. Ecommerce software gives the customer facing front end element of an online business.

Common Mistakes ToAvoid While Starting An Ecommerce Website

Unable to Locate Target Market

Make sure you are familiar with the customers who you intend to sell to in addition to those who you are already reaching. Building an Ecommerce website and waiting for customers to find you, is not a clever choice rather one should be able to actively market their website. Make sense of your ideal customers, locate them online and approach them giving knowledge about your Ecommerce website. It is a smart idea to expand your reach into other demographics, but be sure not to push away your current customers.

No visual branding

A unique Ecommerce website design creates a professional impression and is the first thing your customer sees. This becomes a shorthand representation of your company. A good Ecommercedesign and website experience helps in increasing trustworthiness. Your Ecommerce website is the reflection of your business and hence should have a professional appearance.

Not Making Mobile-Friendly Platform

Not considering large audience base into attention when designing and managing Ecommerce website is a major mistake. Optimizing the Ecommercewebsites to mobile friendly has become mandatory to generate traffic and conversions. When optimizing, ensure that Ecommerce website is compatible with the commonly used smartphone models and Operating Systems. As most people rely on their smartphones to shop, optimizing Ecommerce website is more important than ever.

Not Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform

The Ecommerce platform you choose can mean the success or failure for your online store. Choose anEcommerceplatform which is suitable for your business back-end requirements, functionality, needs of customers, etc. While choosing aEcommerceplatform, have a sound technical knowledge of the future opportunity of support that comes with it.

Not Optimized For SEO

If you need to achieve the goal of increasing your sales and conversions you have to optimize your Ecommerce website for SEO. Without this, user will not be able to find you when they are looking for your product or service they want. Analysing the most searched keywords that attract users and including them in the Ecommerce website content is needed to make customers reach the website.

Not Managing Customer Reviews

Managing Customer reviews is a great way to achieve a positive overall reputation for your online Ecommerce business. It is important to mention clearly when you can be reached and to have the phones deal in by pleasant and helpful personnel. If you have resources, it might be a good idea to provide chat based consumer support. Ecommerce websites who interact with their customers and resolve issues generally have a better reputation than others who do not.

Not Leveraging the Power of Social Platforms:

Social media is a great way for boosting exposure and growing your brand in Ecommerce website. Leveraging relevant social media platforms can effectively help you reach your target audience and build brand. Social sharing buttons on product pages of Ecommerce website encourage customers to share products they like or planning to purchase with their personal network of friends and family. This will lead to drive brand awareness, boost social followers and eventually grow sales.

The “Hidden Product” Problem:

Businesses lose out on revenue when products are difficult to locate by the customers. The Ecommerce website home page should provide clear and easy to understand product information about what it sells. Promoting featured products and making sure Ecommerce website is easy to navigate boost the selling opportunities. If customers find hard to locate something, then they may give up and shop somewhere else. When a customer has an easy understanding of product’s description, there is a better chance they will purchase it.

Fussy returns policies:

By providing a returns policy and easy way for customers to send their purchase back, you ease some of the hassle and increase the chances of buying the item. If you make fast and free delivery blend in Ecommerce website, you have now removed a huge amount of the friction that exists when people buy online. This makes your Ecommerce website value proposition stronger.

Difficult Checkout Process:

Difficult checkout process can lead to customers leaving Ecommerce website without completing their purchase. When they come for the checkout process, they are excited and want to make it to do quickly. If the Ecommerce page leaves the process after the first few steps, there is a problem. If the checkout process is too long or complex, you risk losing a sale to a competitor. Try to keep the checkout process on a single page enabling the user to fill out their billing, shipping and payment information. So they will have a chance to review and confirm their order before submitting it.


E-commerce has emerged as the biggest growth driver in the global marketplace. Ecommerce platforms provide the unification of core business processes to gain complete visibility across their company and ultimately meeting the most sensitive customers' expectations. Ecommerce platform enables businesses to meet their demands of customers for providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels, and offering the flexibility and adaptability required to keep up with the pace of business, lower operational costs, increase efficiencies and reduce the hassles of managing hardware and software. With many online Ecommerceretailers to compete with, there is no room for errors that may turn shoppers away. A small inconvenience to your shoppers may amount to major revenue losses at your Ecommerce store. Give yourself the best possible chance to build a successful Ecommerce store by making sure that you do not make any of these common mistakes.