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Mobile App Development: New Technologies And Trends


Mobile application development is one of the innovative and actively growing market sectors. Growing businesses should keep an eye on latest trends to align their mobile app with developing technologies. New changes in technologies and trends happen frequently in mobile app development industry. To stay up to date with these technologies has become inevitable for the businesses to make ubiquitous presence. In this blog we are going to have a glimpse on latest mobile app development trends.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features You Should Be Looking Forward To

App Permissions

Android app menu is entirely different to Lollipop and the other prior versions of Android. In earlier versions, downloading a mobile app meant have to accept all the app permissions which the developers requested. Some of these may seem unreasonable and unnecessary. This means developers will now ask for permissions on a case-by-case basis. With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can now download any app and you can opt to provide the permissions you allow to access. The user can easily go to the app settings and see which apps can access certain permissions and can disable selectively.

Native Fingerprint Support

Google has built a fingerprint API which gives developers the power to tap into the phones’ biometric authentication. This new feature allows the scanners not only to unlock the device, but for authorising payments using Android Pay in the offline world or within Play Store apps. This feature help in standardising the implementation of finger print sensors in android devices and will have a major benefit for both the people making Android phones and android phone users.

Doze Mode 

Doze Mode feature in Marshmallow version help desperate users stay off their phones for longer, without having to recharge all the time. This feature monitors how the mobile device is being used and adjusts app activity accordingly. If the phone is set to doze mode, when the device is motionless and not being used, it checks for updates from apps that are less frequent, yet still staying responsive for calls, messages, and other similar things. Now Marshmallow will pause the apps meaning that they don't drain out the battery. This help to make battery life last two times longer in standby mode by using fewer background services.

Google Now on Tap

This is one of the impressive features that Google focused most on when showcasing its latest Android version. A long-press on the Home button enables the Google assistant crawl through the mobile apps to find extra info online that might be helpful. For an instance if someone texts the name of restaurant, this Tap feature will automatically recognise the context of the text based on words and see its name and present with its location on a map.

App Links

App links is a feature in which if click on a link in an email or a text message, it asks that what app to open it with. The updated feature of App links in Marshmallow show greater awareness of what is being clicked on, instead of routinely stopping to pop up dialogue boxes. The pop up box still show up from time to time, but certainly not as often as before in earlier versions.

The Volume Controls have Changed yet Again

This “improved” feature allows to tap into Priority Mode, in which only particular apps are allowed to send the alerts. The new Android Marshmallow has a Do Not Disturb shortcut in the notifications drop-down that allows to switch off certain alerts for a period of time, or indeterminately. The volume controls in the notification area have made still more simplified. Just by lowering the volume key all the way the phone will be put in Vibrate Mode. Whereas one more move over will enable Do Not Disturb Mode.

And latest announcement from Android is that there's a new, candy-themed version Android 7.0 Nougat. This is the latest update for the Pixel and supported Nexus family.

Apple Ios 10 Awesome Features Should Know About

Rich lock screen Notifications

Onscreen notifications have become more interactive in the latest iOS 10 update. This features a redesigned Lock screen with 3D-touch enabled notifications which offer more information, for instance a more easily accessible camera, and a new widgets screen. In earlier version it was located in the Today section of the Notification Centre. These 3D Touch shortcuts allow responding to notifications in a crafty ways without leaving the lock screen, and possess plenty of dynamic features to handle in the notification itself.


They have announced that iOS 10 will open up Siri to third-party developers. So now with iOS 10 update we can ask Siri to do things like call for an Uber or send a message in Whats App. It can be done in variety of ways yet will understand by the now-smarter Siri. This enables to activate non-Apple apps and functions via voice control.

Street Smarter with New Map Feature

The new Maps can make proactive suggestions for where likely to go, helping to get to destinations faster. Maps for iOS 10 has added traffic feature on route to be competent with Android Google Maps and intensify its Nearby functionality with more points of interest to find along the route. By sliding upwards from the bottom of Maps we can get suggestions for destinations. And can do sub-filter when searching for nearby businesses.

Each operating system follows its own rules and development procedures when developing a particular application on different platform. Hence it is very essential for the developers to grip all the techniques suitable for each platform while developing an application. Whether it is Apple platform or Android platform or Windows , with the mobile apps brand awareness and loyalty among existing and potential customers can be created. Owning a dedicated mobile app leads to the credibility of the brand. With the thriving mobile industry, it is worthwhile for the businesses to invest in mobile app development. Espousing to the mobile app developmetn makes a quantum leap in the businesses. .