26.05.2017 - Friday

Why Good Web Designing Is Important In Your SEO Ranking?

A well designed and properly laid out Web Designing in one of the important factors for your SEO ranking. Website is an important milestone for a business organisation. It is the point of interaction between you and your prospective clients to bring leads and sales figure. In order to achieve this you have to consider SEO in mind in designing your website. SEO is a methodology to improve your website ranking in search engine results for the keywords related to your business. This article will help you gain a better understanding on the importance of optimizing your website. Here are some things listed which will help you attract more leads and customers from search engines.

Website Structure

Your Web Designing should be SEO friendly for search engines to index your content. As your business grows, you have to ensure that your Web Designing enables your users as well as crawlers to navigate easily through your site.Web designing should have intuitive navigation menus and a structure to make the users move to the required pages with the fewest clicks by adding internal links into your website. Your web pages should have headings and subheadings and include internal links within your website.


As majority of people use smart phones today to access the internet, it is imperative that your web designing is mobile responsive. This will optimise the users experience visiting your site through different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This will increase the number of users thereby increasing the traffic which is preferred by the search engines. A responsive web designing improve your website ranking in the organic search results.

Bounce Rate (Average Time on Site)

Web design that leads to a higher average time spent on website is measured as ‘Bounce rate’ metric in Google Analytics. Some of the factors that can increase the user’s time are improved navigation, aesthetic features and page loading speed. Increasing the average time on website is directly contributed to SEO performance. This can potentially influence result in ranking. High bounce rates indicate indication that your website is not capable to meet the user demands which will make Google to reflect in their rankings. Visiting on a website, clicking the back button and closing the tab without interacting with the site will affect bounce rate.

Importance of Content

Your website content plays a major part of your web designing. To gain good results with search engine optimization, you have to pay attention to your web content. Duplicate contents may hinder the path to your web designing success. Keeping your site fresh with updated contents and optimising will boost your SEO ranking.

Fresh Keywords

One of the major components that help your business to rank higher is ‘Keywords’. The following are some of the locations where you can add the keywords:

  • Body of the copywriting on your web pages
  • Web page title
  • The meta description of your pages
  • Within your navigation or internal links

By including relevant keywords in your website designing, you can increase the chances of your website ranks higher in searches. SEO web design makes your website has a better chance in attracting visitors through optimization for search engines.

Loading Speed

Web page loading speed needs to be considered as important for both web users and for search engines. The page loading time is factored into Google algorithm. Today users expect the website is ready to explore within seconds of their clicking on a link. Failing to fulfil their expectation makes SEO difficult for your company. Improving page speed will enhance the user website experience which will raise your rank on search engines.

When designing your website you have to consider its functionality, make it simple, and prioritize user engagement and a strong call to action. Make sure your web designing is designed with SEO in mind. Also ensure your website structure is set up in such a manner adaptable for future updates without hurting your website foundation.

Your web designing pages should be easy to index and crawl. We hope the above provided information will help you to design your website considering SEO to achieve a higher rank in Search Engine Results Pages. Make use of the material provided to create your website and give your SEO efforts an extra boost.