16.06.2017 - Friday

About Reciprocal Linking And Link Exchange – Important Ranking Factors For On Page SEO

SEO is the method of optimizing your website to maximise the possibilities to appear in organic search results. It is the smartest investment to your business. With right SEO techniques you can have a good chance of reaping the benefits of higher rankings. Reciprocal linking and Link exchange is the Off page tools used for ranking the website. Website page ranking highly depends upon how many websites link back to it and also that to relevant websites. Hence it is important for the Link exchange campaign to be carried out in effective manner. Better ranking to your website will lead to good visibility. In this article we will look into some points of reciprocal linking and Link exchange that should be taken care of.

Reciprocal linking

Reciprocal linking is a SEO methodology in which webmasters exchange links of the websites. This gives an opportunity for increasing the ranking on Google searches and referral traffic. SEO Link building has to be pursued as branding function of your business. If other websites which are relevant to your business run link directories and offers you listing for free, then it holds the chance of your website get listed.

The SEO protocol for receiving reciprocal links is you have to list the other website on your website and then give the request for a link by using proper submission method. This process is specifically termed as “directory-to-directory reciprocal linking”. Proper and quality reciprocal linking (or backlinks) will help your website in page ranking. In order to give your business website a good SEO ranking, you have to follow the Google rules. Now days, backlinks are the high priority requirement to rank well.

These mutual reciprocal links has many SEO benefits. More backlinks boost your ranking in search engines and also allows more people to access your content. If your business website is linked by reputable website, it will result in a lot of traffic to your content.

Link exchange

Link exchange is an important SEO technique that provides users a road map to your business website. SEO Link exchange is the process of submitting URL of your website pages on other websites and placing other websites link to your website. For link exchange request for relevant links you have to find an appropriate page on your website and link from to your partner website with their request.

Different Link Exchange types in SEO

  • Active link exchange
  • Passive link exchange

Active link exchange of SEO

  • One Way Link Exchange
  • Two way Link Exchange
  • Three way Link Exchange

In One way SEO link exchange, you get one way link from other website but you will not give link to other website. Examples for one way links are links from Directories Submission, Article Posting, Blog Posting, Press Release Submission and Social Bookmarking.

In Two way SEO link exchange also termed as reciprocal link exchange is the mutual understanding of two potential link partners. In this type, one link partner places the link of their website and in turn places the link of their partner on his website.

Three way SEO link exchange is the method used when you have 2 two websites. In this type, you place a link of partner website on your popular website and in turn you ask them to place a link of your other website to the partner website.

Passive link exchange

Passive link exchange is a type in which you do not link exchange actively for your website. But you will be getting link from other potential link partners without the proposal of link exchange. This is about positioning your website and your blog in such a way that it attracts more people applying to guest post on your website.

SEO strategies help your business website give a voice to your brand. The popularity of a website is generally determined by the number of inbound links. Reciprocal linking and link exchange is considered as a critical part of SEO technique. They bring you a significant improvement in your website ranking in search engine results. Make sure that the link building service you use only uses ‘white hat’ techniques for encouraging inbound links to your website.