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Common Web Development Mistakes That You Are Making And How To Avoid Them


Web development which is considered as the back-end of the website makes the website function. Web development focuses on developing websites or webpages and how customers can navigate and make purchases. Web development primarily deals with the non-design part of building websites, including coding and writing mark-up. The web is a global, essential, and ubiquitous information delivery medium. Hence, Web development adds considerable value to computing majors.

Mistakes To Be Avoided InWeb development

Not testing in multiple browsers

It is often a common mistake in Web development that testing the web pages with certain browsers and detests others. This leads to poor outcome or extremely low quality when the user views it on a different browser window. Having a regular interval checking on how your website appears in multiple browsers is a good approach in Web development process. There are many tools available to facilitate the checking for the compatibility of a single web page across multiple platforms.

Forgetting Responsive Mobile Design

Forgetting responsiveness delivers an unruly and ugly user experience when view the website across mobile devices in Web development. The user experience suffers as they cannot access the most essential aspects of the page and as well sometimes it is impossible to navigate to other pages. As Mobile is the new generation web browsing, ensuring designing for mobile responsive designs assures your website will be accessible to a larger audience while Web development practice.

Making users search for information

Making your users search for the information they came to your website looking for is a huge mistake in Web development. Stop trying to make your website neat and focus on making it useful. Pages may fail if necessary either data is not provided, or data received is not compatible with an underlying data scheme. Ensure Web developmentis clear to the user what type of data they are looking for. No matter how data is validated on the browser side, ensure that is validated on the server side as well.

Not Prioritizing Website Speed

Servers and bandwidth play an important role for website speed in Web development. Image size is a major factor, hence always reduce image size and use a format to resize without losing much quality. Use website speed testers that are available to help you identify what elements of your website design are slowing down your website. As slow websites frustrate users, it is a best practice in Web developmentto always test your website and ensure that performance is fine tuned.

Adding too Many Difficult-to-Discover Pages

Creating website pages with useful content is a good Web developmentstrategy to get you ranked but, simultaneously you have to ensure its relevance when adding too many pages without providing any hints to the search engines. It is imperative to implement accessibility features because difficult-to-discover pages receive hardly a few or no visits. Sending through an accessibility validator is one of the easiest ways to check your page for accessibility. This step checks your HTML and re-displays the page with images as annotations to make you see where your website page is inaccessible. Thus you help your visitors perceive the importance of each of your Web development elements.

Poor Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important aspects to be considered while considering Web development. Your visitors should be able to find their way to the pages that they need to be in easy and intuitively manner. In recent times it is a trend to hide the navigation tools. This may seem to be an interesting approach in an artistic sense, but can turn out hazardous to use as brought lower conversion rates for mobile. When considering mobile website traffic, it is definitely a fact that should be kept in mind. Users want to find their way around your website with the least amount of effort as possible and hence always bear this at the forefront of your mind in Web development process. Keep the navigation menu plain and simple at the top of every page, and that what you should be aiming for.

An unclear Web development goal

Once a visitor lands on your website, they should know immediately what is it all about. Whatever needs to be communicated should be done immediately with the use of a headline, tagline, image, or a blend of all the three as the visitor locks eyes on your page. It is undoubtedly important that your Web development purpose is made apparent within the first few seconds that a visitor arrives to your website page. Invest more time in identifying possible difficulties of the Web development project first to avoid losing time, effort, and money.

Web Development not functioning for the user

A web-based application can be tremendously problematic when transforming to a mobile friendly screen in Web development activity. Navigating the website is important for users as this is how easily they can find things such as links, contact information, and where to purchase products or services. If Web developmentprocess is too difficult, the conversion from viewer to customer comes to an end. Broken links can complicate navigation in addition.

Web development is underperforming It means that your Web development is not doing as good of a job as you had expected. Maybe your website pages and images are slow to load, or maybe they do not load at all. Else your website might not be reliable at hosting the amount of traffic its receiving that can cause a total site shutdown.


A Web development tool provides businesses with a platform for the necessary web presence and allows them to get in touch with millions of web surfers all over the world, broadening the range of their potential customers. Web development gives you a base from which to build your clients. With the change in consumer perspective, business enterprises are forced to reconsider their strategies and remodel their web presence in such a way that suits the convenience of users. That is why no wonder businesses are pro-actively focusing on Web development to blend various opportunities and technologies to be able to translate into their profit kitty.