25.07.2017 - Tuesday

Different & Better Ways To Do Digital Marketing

Web strategies report says that digital marketing is shaping the modern business, irrespective of its industrial size. Hence digital marketers thrive hard to bridge the gap between customers’ expectation and digital consumers.

And now,

  • Do you have idea to start new business online?
  • Are you a business-holder struggling to upgrade your online sales?
  • Looking for brand promotion?

If your answer is "YES" for above questions, then this article is for you. Read below and get vast ideas for making your business move in right digital marketing path.

Digital Marketing Tips for Start-ups:

Usually new industries take baby foot-steps towards digital marketing trend. It is because businesses have clear knowledge about their specific niche, however they fail to communicate it with target audience. Moreover startups lacks time to focus on digital marketing components. Therefore instead of facing these challenges, business start-ups just quit from digital trend.

To resolve the above discussed problems:

  • Content plays vital part to drag target audience towards your website. So preparing niche, customer-centric content is important. Also ensure that the content is Google-friendly.
  • Eye-popping infographic images that elaborately explains about your service/products helps the website visitors to understand about it.
  • E-mail marketing campaigns is prospective resource to generate leads for budding company.
  • In initial stage, both SEO & PPC is required to amplify visibility of new business. Gradually, businesses can turn their focus towards SEO (& can leave PPC).

Tips to Increase Online Sales:

The ultimate goal for every online businesses is to increase their online revenue. You may be a retail seller or ecommerce giant, but the focus is on sales. Ensure that you have justifying answers to below questions. If so, then you can enjoy the profitable business hazardously.

  • Whether your website is user-friendly?
  • Is your website compatible for multi-device usage?
  • Does your website brings target audience?
  • Are you doing value added SEO and social media marketing?

Usually, potential visitors scan the content present in website. Thus, instead of loading the web pages with irrelevant content, prepare appropriate content including keywords.

Secondly, mobile responsive web design helps in reaching potential customers. It is estimated that 33% of active users (in 2014) utilize smartphones or laptops to browse internet. And this estimation increased to 60% this year. Thus optimizing the website for multi-device accessibility is important.

Social Media Marketing takes the authoritative place in digital marketing. Hence spending quality time in social platforms is mandatory for increasing the revenue.

Sneaky-peak Ways to Increase Brand Awareness:

Making the brand recognition is primary goal for marketers to increase the sales. There are two types of brand promotion - online & offline promotions. In offline promotion, the company's logo can be placed in business cards, e-mail signatures etc.

On other hand, online brand building is vital. Insights stats that 25% of people use Instagram for seeing brands. 63% of internet users buy products/services via social media.

  • It is essential to start social media optimization with clear strategy. It is also advisable to hit all the applicable social platforms parallelly. It is because sharing brand information between the connected social platforms is easy.
  • Few SMO service provider get fake followers for the business page. Hence you need to ensure whether the followers are your target people.
  • Checking online reviews and responding to it builds good rapport with every single customers. So ask customers to give feed-back about your business.
  • Being original is MUST in social networks. Instead of just talking about your business, you can also add pictures of your employees, events happened within your workplace etc.

Finally, business owners can utilize these SEO strategies, social media networks to increase brand awareness & sales.