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How Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Business


Recent days mobile apps play an integral part of businesses across the globe. With increase in use of smart devices, business owners have started to realize that mobile presence is a necessity. People in today’s world are on the move and hence to stay closer to your customer mobile applications are important. No matter what your business size is whether small or large, mobile apps help you to get and retain customers. If your business already has a website, by integrating a mobile app with your online visibility it will make really good impression.

Why Does Your Business Need A Mobile App ?

Helps You Maintain Constant Market Visibility - A highly connected customerimplies that your business holds the opportunity of visible presence in the everyday life of your target audience.Mobile app s are the easiest way to stay online, get in touch with your business or use your services, no matter where the customers go.

Direct marketing to potential customers - Having your own Mobile app makes it easier to connect with your new customers and give them the access to the information you want them to have. By enabling push notificationsyou are able to announce special sales or introduce a digital loyalty program. Thus apps are a great way to promote your organisation which market directly to your customers and notify them of your products and services.

Add Value to Interactions and Better Customer Experiences - In the business world, customer loyalty is everything. But fulfilling their needs by fast and reliable support of Mobile app, you will keep them coming back to you again and again. Adding a “Frequently Asked Questions” interface provides the support for the customer the need to make use of your product or service a simpler, more streamlined process.

Brand recognition - A Mobile app can solidify your identity as a company despite your business has a fully developed brand already.The design you choose for your app sends a clear message to customers about your business and the value of your product or service. The connections you build through your app can drive customers to your website.

Stand Out from the Crowd – By owning a Mobile app for your business, you can edge out ahead of the competition by giving a comfort that your competitors cannot.These apps help to sale the products and also help to grab new leads for business development and results in generating sales and revenue.

Mobile App Development: Dos And Don’ts – To Make Success:

Give priority to the user experience, Do not create for sake – Mobile app s should be developed keeping in mind that it provides the user the required information real fast – no matter the model of smart phone the user has, he should be able to use all the features and get a satisfactory experience. Do not simply create an app for the sake of it but consider about the benefits to the end customers and plan accordingly to deliver excellent results.

Don’t copy, Make it device independent – Mobile app should be designed in such a way that it works perfect in all types of mobile devices may be a smart phone or tablet. All the functions should work perfectly and also the look and feel of the app, design orientation should be seamless irrespective of the device used.

Consider real time data, Do not forget about security - Building an app may incorporate real time data, information and updates from different sources to make your Mobile app more responsive. While at the same time security is more imperative in developing a Mobile app either for business purpose or for a general end user.

Cater to the Platform, But do not forget creativity – Do not build your app simple considering that users will use it because of easy to navigate. As many similar app is available in the market like yours, make your app with creativity that it should be appeal and classic to catch user eyes.

Remember to budget time and money, Avoid overconfident in your pricing - Just because similar app, has priced themselves a particular budget does not mean you should also. There should be a perfect balance between price and value. Use your market research to work out what budget will work for the competition and what will not.

Mobile App Maintenance Best Practices:

Security Updates and Continuous Development - Although with the best efforts it is difficult to get it right the first time, it is necessary to think about how the application can be developed over time.Plan for evolution means that you will possibly want to leave some room for development or frame a recurring budget for application design instead of doing it in a one-shot method.As concerned with Mobile app maintenance, security updates are the minimum which requires a few hours every month,towards the security of your app.

Time and Resources - Mobile app maintenance will devour time and resources. An active app may require a few hours in a month towards development.Nevertheless, this is a worth paying for your target app with regular updates.

Platform - The time required for maintenance is based on the platform used for developing the app.The maintenance needed if you are looking at single platform for both apps will cover the single platform’s code base in addition to the separate pieces required for customizing the apps for Android and iOS. Meanwhile you are not handling two separate code databases, the time required will be less, but this will be based on the amount of customization you possess for each platform.

Enhance features over time - Improving features based on the feedback may be getting on the application. Upgrading the apps over periods, will get apps much better and, therefore, more familiar and successful.

How Jayam Web Solutions Develop Best Mobile App S – How We Differ?

Understand the Requirements of your App – We recognize your goals, features and functions of your Mobile app and will make sure that developed app fits your requirement. And before proceeding further we will confirm with our customers with sample templates.

Time frame – We understand that customers expect what they pay should be able to make good on their promises.Here at Jayam web solutions we have dedicated expertise team to make sure our customers app are tasked with the day-to-day activitiesto ship at stipulated time period.

Design and development – We keep tends to develop apps which are responsive, reliable, and customized. Thus ensures the excellent business promotion and perfectly reaches our expected target audience. Our team makes sure to provide you economical and flexible Mobile app services with unique design.

Expertise – We have decade of worldwide experience in Mobile app developmentin Android and iOS.Our team comprises of well-developed experts who are knowledgeable with the latest technologies to provide brilliant and user friendly Mobile apps


Mobile devices has changed the way businesses work. With the understanding on why you need Mobile app and how that helps you be paid more revenue or building a brand, you are heading in the right direction.Because of accumulative rate in the Mobile app developmenthigh competition exist in the field of Mobile app marketing. The success of your app depends on the marketing strategy you follow.At Jayam Web solutions, we understand the important role of Mobile app s play for companies of all sizes and in all industries and will help you integrate your business on the mobile.