14.06.2017 - Wednesday

How Smart Social Media Optimization Influences SEO Ranking?

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is the process of generating brand awareness through social media. With Social media platforms you can promote your product and attain a better SEO ranking. Social Media Optimization strategy of SEO puts your business in an optimum position by taking advantage of social media and gives a clear picture of what people saying about your business. As Social media optimization has become an inevitable part of digital marketing, by communicating with your audience you can have a valuable advantage in your business. When combined with this strategy SMO gains you solid results. It helps to build a strong brand identity and reputation.

Key SMO Techniques To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Create Facebook, Twitter pages and Linked in pages

Creating a Facebook fan page is a technique of SEO which will help to drive more traffic regardless of SEO technique. A picture conveys a message in a better way than texts. If your website provides some useful information to users, ask your fans to avail it. Facebook helps you with an easiest way to create a strong community around your brand. You can engage your audience with your messages, promotions and updates. With the unprecedented power of friend networks you can be active in their lives. Posting directly in Facebook yields you better SEO ranking than linking to other video websites like You tube.

Similar to Facebook twitter plays like a mass broadcast centre for tweets (i.e. tiny messages) from people and businesses around the world. Major benefit of twitter is its interactivity which enables to respond to one another in an instant. User can “retweet” posts when they like and tag their own tweets by topic for searching easily. They also can “follow” all messages to receive something new when it arises.

Linked in is also a social website in which you can create and manage your campaigns to target your right audience with the appropriate message. Posting quality updates, promoting your posts will engage your audience and friends.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social book marking sites are those sites which will provide you to place bookmarks online and can help to increase your traffic. By creating accounts on book marking websites you can post your links. When people search something on these websites, they may find your website to be useful for them. So they can visit your website and thus your website traffic will be increased.


Forum is an oldest yet an effective SEO tool that provides online marketers a platform for starting a discussion about their brand. This SEO technique helps to create links and drive huge traffic. Many companies create their own forums to bring life to their websites.


Writing and submitting articles that are relevant to your product or services to high authority websites will help in acquiring valuable incoming links to your website. These articles will make users stay on your website and boost your ranking when they interact with your content.

Photo and Video Sharing

Submitting videos and photos related to your business activities to websites like you tube, Google video etc. will increases the chances of reaching your brand to your target audiences.

PDF submission

Sharing PDF and presentations online is a popular way to drive traffic to your website. Delivering eye-catching presentations will attract your audience and convey your message in an attractive way.

Social Media Promotion Benefits

  • Brand Awareness - Social Media helps your business to extend in such a way that helps people to know about your Brands.
  • Insight about Your Customer - SMO will provide with your business limitless opportunities to interact with your customers. You can engage with your audience and know about their needs about your business.
  • Cost Effective Marketing Techniques - Social Media is the most cost effective marketing SEO strategy when compared with other online marketing techniques.
  • Lead Generation - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn convert your readers in to potential leads at very minimum cost.
  • Traffic increase - You can boost your SEO ranking and drive huge traffic to your website through social media platforms.

Social Media Optimization paves a way to bridge your business and your target audience. When your brand becomes trusted customers feel far more invested. Hence your business becomes hall mark of an elite brand. SMO technique of SEO helps you to leverage best social media tools that accelerate growth in your website traffic and conversions