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How To Develop SEO Friendly Website


Search engine optimization (SEO) is thetactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by attaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine, for example Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.Displaying the quality content appropriately and having a strong hierarchy and easy navigation is the key for powerful web presence.SEO thus helps to get traffic from search engines.The majority of search engines users probably click on one of the top 5 recommendations in the results pages (SERPS), so to exploit this and gain visitors to your web site you Website have to be SEO friendly.

Why your website need to be SEO friendly

A SEO friendly website has configurations and elementsmaking it easy for search engines to crawl and understand what really matters to the specific website.

Fast loading web pages

Neither people nor search engines need websites that are slow to load. In actuality fast loading websites are SEO friendly and create more user interactions. This means SEO friendly websites have an advantage in ranking algorithms over websites that are slower.

Unique content

If the content is not found anywhere else on the website, then all the pages have unique and useful content. This implies that a website cannot be SEO friendly if it has content replicated from other web sites.

Visual Appeal and Ranking

Search engine optimization empowersyou to get higher ranking for your website on the web. At the point when customers pursue for items that are accessible on your website, they will have the capacity to consider it to be soon asthey type in the keywords. A higher ranking for your website will build the likelihood of getting more clicks. It is essential for you to drive more traffic to your website because the people who visit your website may turn into your customers.

Helps to understand what most customers need

Search engine optimization drives quality traffic and by evaluating the behaviour of those users (how they enter your website, what they click, how they leave, what they like and so on) is an extraordinary approach to comprehend what your customers need and conform your website or products to coordinate their needs.

Developing SEO friendly website

Integrate Social Media into your Website’s Design

Consolidatingsocial media into your website design will help it to rank better search engines. When planning your website design, ensure that you incorporate your social networking icons and, for the greater part of your social media accounts, for example, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This will not just rank your website all the more very among searchengines, yet it will likewise demonstrate your potential customers that your organization is affable.

Includes images that are optimized for search engines

Search engines prefer text that is reality, yet additionally it need images to your pages since people like it, it makes your content more fascinating, easier to read, sharable and so forth. When you do as such, ensure that the images are enhanced for size and furthermore that you set a significant picture filename and ALT text.

Make sure your Design is Accessible

If your website is not totally accessible, then it will influence your conversion rates and your ranking with search engines. Your website must be compatible on all browsers, as though it is not, it will make visitors leave your site, without buying any items, or utilizing your services. If your website loads slowly, or it is difficult to navigate, then it will probably rank low with search engines. Ensure that your site looks amend on all browsers, that it loads appropriately, and that you do not use any images that load slowly.

Content optimization

Too long content as well as unreasonable utilization of keywords is not a user friendly practice.Then again, it can genuinely hurt the rankings of the page and the image of your brand.That is the reason keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a keyword analyser tool and focus on possible Spam signal in the Keyword Analysis fragment.In the event that you need your content to be crawled and indexed avoid including it within images or flash elements.Give top notch content on your pages, particularly on your home page.In the event that your pages contain valuable data, their content will pull in numerous visitors and tempt website admins to link to your website.

Research and place keywords strategically

Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of text on your website/blog. So by having even basic text with your graphic content can enhance your search engine optimization.Incorporating strongest keywords in the first sentence of your content so that the search engine can build up a relationship between the keywords and will consequently have an easier time figuring out what truly matters to you. Utilize a few of your strong keywords in the title of your website or blog as well. Make the title of each of your pages unique so that there is no perplexity between pages on your website or blog.

URL Should be SEO Friendly

Use a few of your strongest keywords in your URL so that the URL can turn out to be more search-engine-friendly. A user friendly URL helps the search engines to determine what that page is about. Also if you need to separate words in your URL, ensure you use hyphens, rather than underscores to do so.


Making a few simple changes to your website you can realize how it affects your search engine ranking of your website.Concentrating more on content optimization will surely help to remove all weak points from your website and grasp a better ranking for your website. The future is indeterminate, yet in the world of search, change remains constant. So search marketing will continue to be significant for those who desire to remain competitive on the web.Websites compete for consideration and placement in the search engines, those with the knowledge and experience to enhance their website ranking will get the advantages of improved traffic movement and perceptibility.If you are considering a mobile update and/or redesign for your company website, you need to coordinate planning with a qualified web developer. If you would like a harmonizing assessment for your organization's website regarding web development, web designing web hosting, ecommerce and web development feel free to contact us at Jayam Web solutions.