21.06.2017 - Wednesday

How To Identify And Remove Spam Backlinks To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Building quality link is one of the major ranking factors of Google. With the threat of Penguin updates of Google which says that websites with spams backlinks will be penalised, it is very important for you to pay attention to your backlink profile. It is possible that attackers may hacks into your website and create spam my links to hurt your SEO ranking.

Since Google has started to identify websites having good quality links and filter out poor quality links, it is the time for you to identify and remove spam backlinks to avoid hurting your SEO ranking. Here we have provided some of the tools to streamline your SEO process. “Spam” backlink is determined by the quality of the website that link is coming from.

You can manually audit your backlinks and make a list of ones that don’t have any SEO value. Spam or bad links may include:

  • Links received from poor quality/spam my websites
  • Inconsistent anchor text links
  • Links from blog networks
  • Links that come from paid posts
  • Links from irrelevant and ‘untrustworthy’ websites

If you see dramatic drop in your SEO ranking, it may be an indication of bad backlinks. Contact the website owner from where you receive the spam my links. If you didn’t receive any response you go for disavowing the links. To enhance your efforts in building your quality links, keep in mind that you are avoiding spam backlinks and protect your SEO ranking.

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