4.09.2017 - Monday

Increase Your Customer Base By Creating Mobile Responsive Website

There seems to be a long standing debate between offline and online marketers – Whether a website is mandatory for business?

Businesses who take privilege ONLY from offline marketers say that they could get profitable business via newspaper ads and other promotional stuffs. Moreover they strongly rely upon marketers who could meet the target clients to catch business leads.

But wait & just imagine.

How many clients could a marketer visit in a day?

Five or six.....

Is that enough to amplify your trade (that too globally)?

Every smart business owners will say “No”. So here comes the importance of website.

Salient Benefits of Owning a Website:

  • When a business owner have an appealing website, it is highly possible to give all the information about their business. But in offline advertising, the details that can be given are limited & expensive.
  • Creating a website is one-time expense. But for offline marketing platforms, you need to pay each and every time for advertising the business.
  • In recent trends, having a website is considered as pride for businesses. Moreover marketing your business via website is simplest yet convenient method.
  • The website speaks on behalf of its owner, 24*7 (But offline marketing fails). Via website, it is easy to reach huge number of target audience instantly.
  • In newspaper advertising, customers can contact you only by seeing your ad. So there are remote chances for people to remember your phone number and call you again when the newspaper ad is not visible. But a user-friendly website is best platform for building a strong client-customer relationship. Business owners can get repeated customers ONLY through a website.
  • The number of smartphone users (Globally) was 2.1 billion last year and this count continues to grow in upcoming years. Due to viable internet service providers and affordable smartphones, people spend their time online. Therefore by having a mobile responsive website, your business can reach more target mobile users too.

Well Now,

Apart from strategies, research says that the world-wide mobile data traffic has reached 74% last year. And it is predicted to reach one billion in upcoming days. So a mobile responsive website will increase target mobile customers too.

  • Business can gain accelerated sales profit by holding a good mobile responsive website. Search engines like Google, give most preference to mobile responsive websites while displaying search results. If your website is not mobile friendly, Google search results will surely neglect your business. Thus there are chances for your business to move backward.
  • By creating a mobile responsive site, you can save time & cost. There is no necessity for you to create an add-on mobile app for your traditional site.
  • Internet statistics say that 80% of smartphone users over-utilize the online shopping niches. Thus by showcasing your services/products in mobile online medium, you get huge business opportunity.

This is high time to speak about social media too.

55% of social media users prefer smartphone as platform to visit their favorite niche. It is because they can access Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc from wherever they are. Through these social media networks you can promote your website worldwide and get global customers with ease.

Thus if you are the looking to get into social media platforms then go and get mobile responsive website.

By holding a website for your business, it is 100% sure that you are creating a huge market for your service/product online where the entire world resides. To put forth in simple terms - a perfect mobile responsive, user-friendly website is MANDATORY to step forward in your business. Hence if you are a business owner who is still confused to step into digital world then it’s high time to get more orders and more customers – via your website.