8.07.2017 - Saturday

Looking To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search? Here Are The Tips

The search trends on Google search engine is constantly changing. Recently voice search became a huge hit and considered as modish method among 55% of US teens. Moreover nearly 41% of US adults use voice search more than two times per day.

It is estimated that 50% of the search is performed on a non-pc device. 82% of mobile users use voice search for finding out the local places nearby. And nearly 18% of these local searches are converted into sales. Siri was first voice search to hit the market and it is considered as bestie for people using Apple device. Eventually, Microsoft's Cortana and Google voice search was added in the hit list.

Recent market trends says that more than half of Google search query will only be via voice search in 2020. Hence it's high time to do SEO for the websites to accustom with voice searches. So here rises the immediate question among web owners on "How to do this job?"

Simple answer is there are SEO companies to do this voice search customization for the websites. To brief it, the SEO companies follow the below strategies for optimization.

Analyze the Trend Where Voice Searches are used:

Internet Trend Analysis estimates that local information via voice search is nearly 22%, Fun & Information is 21%, Personal Assistant 27% and General Information up-to 30%. Mostly, people voice search to get information about locations of places & to hear a recipe while cooking it. People also voice search to know about new products launched in market. Hence optimizing the Google Map for voice search amplifies the business reachability among target audience.

This SE optimization might be little tricky too. For instance, if someone voice search like "find pizza takeaways nearby". Voice search must be well SEO optimized to recognize the mobile user's location and then fetch relevant results. Google My Business listings with long-tail keywords might help in these circumstances. Adding all the business information & selecting relevant categories is MUST. This ensures that the website is shown in SERP while doing right voice search.

Long-Tail Keywords Works Favorable for Voice Search:

Why we must prefer long-tail keywords? Because it would act as conversational keywords. Usually long-tail keywords would be a mimic of how real users talk. So SE optimizers must do research on how people ask questions on phone and how they think to do conversational searches. In general long-tail keywords provide more relevancy to voice searches. In turn it brings high conversion rate for optimized websites.

For example, "What's the weather in California?" or "Where to buy chocolates in Sydney?"

Other Key Factors to Consider:

The Google voice search or the speech recognition software uses the web speech API technology to convert the words spoken into text. Hence to better voice search optimize your website - it is essential to focus on answers, own the relevant featured snippet and build the conversational engine. This makes speech API to recognize your website.