11.04.2017 - Tuesday

Major Trends And Drivers In TheGlobal Web Hosting Market


Simply to put in words Web hosting is the house where your website lives. A Web hosting account is important in order to get a website hosted. This makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everybody on the web. Web Hosting basically renting server space where your web files will be placed. Keep up with the changing Web hosting landscape can help you make decisions about hosting solutions that will meet your technological needs as time goes on. With evolving technological improvements, technological boundaries of Web hosting are being pushed to meet the changing demand.

Trends That Transform the Web Hosting Industry

Improving security in the cloud

With rise in cyber-attacks the year after year, data security is becoming more and more of a concern. Business companies are now becoming aware of security and ensure a variety of security measures to be taken to protect data in 2017. Hence, it is critical for hosting companies to offer cloud products to anticipate weaknesses in cloud security and address them aggressively. A good quality Web hosting is a way to potentially save you from a big hassle down the road. Enduring investments and upgrades in Web hosting area remains a major theme for the providers. The demand for battling out the malware is a main challenge which impacts the particular hosting firms.

Growing focus on green Web hosting

This is the latest trend which is an Eco-friendly with no bad effect on earth by helping in reducing carbon discharges. Data centres use huge amount of energy to keep the website up which is usually produced from carbon emitting generators. A green web hosting technology strives to minimize the energy consumption of their servers and also generate energy from solar, wind and other renewable resources to gain for powering their servers. As awareness increased on the focusing of energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, green Web hosting facilities is quite in demand. They not only increase the cost-effectiveness of the services, but also enrich the reputation in terms of eco-friendliness.

Changes to domains offer opportunities

For Web hosting, latest changes to the domain available have created an additional profit. Today users can explore from extensions in variety i.e. more than 100 extensions and 100 more are upcoming in future. Many companies are taking a specific position from registration to hosting. Those days where users have to choose either .com or .net has gone. Now .org, .co and .me are considered as the popular extensions.

DDoS Mitigation

High profile companies are being affected by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) attacks which mean a malicious person overflows your server with so many requests simultaneously that it can’t keep up and crashes. When you face a denial of service attack happen to your website you cannot get traffic and then you are exposed to lose a lot of business. Your customers will be not able to connect to the website to make purchases or avail a service and this continue for hours without any alert. Hence DDoS protected Web hosting is becoming inevitable as a key to survive from this types of attack. In the preceding years there will be an increase in the amount of web hosting companies that will offer DDoS protection as an upgraded option on their hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the best running Web hosting today according to the latest trend. This refers to a group of computer networks to provide virtual instances of servers which are not physically dependent upon a single server or machine. Therefore it is able to achieve enhanced reliability, improved speed and performance. Cloud hosting makes applications accessible anywhere on the go and makes our daily lives much more convenient, and it certainly holds a vital part in upcoming trends. Most experts agree that it is a wise option because of its ability to handle larger amounts of web traffic, higher security protections and reliability level.

Boom of Ecommerce websites

It is an undeniable truth that no country has remained untouched ecommerce strategy which implies us that how Ecommerce market is poised to reach a value beyond expected in future. This huge volume of growth will call for better security and scalability. As most Ecommerce companies are lack of in-house expertise they will opt for outsourcing the maintenance and operational aspects of their websites. Hence there it is expected that demand for Ecommerce Web hosting providers will boosted.

Seamless digital experiences

Now- a-days people are getting savvier about using multiple channels to communicate with each other. This includes businesses like web hosting so it is more critical than ever to remain active and consistent across different social media and other communication channels. Customers hope to have the capacity to connect with the right person to help them, on the platform of their preferred choice, at the touch of a button. Sports, live concerts and Internet televisions are among the biggest consumers of bandwidth and online streaming services. While in travel people spend more time in sharing videos and stream live their in-the-moment content. Almost everyone who knows to use the internet probably has a Facebook account and active in Twitter, so sharing and accessing latest content on the fly is easier than ever. This makes to improve the infrastructure and find a way to optimize bandwidth and improve data transfer quality. For web hosting providers, it means opens ways for new setups and growing bandwidth demands.

Major trends in Web Hosting technology continually push the infrastructure development; the providers are doing the best to offer greatest service to their clients. This is a digital period of advancements where a lot of things are happening in the wonderful world of web hosting. The web hosting business keeps mounting like never before and hence with this is the number of competitors offering several features to their customers. Since all the websites need Web hosting service to get online, and the number of websites on the internet keeps on increasing, it is not a surprise that web hosting will be one of the biggest and most competitive online industries.