12.04.2017 - Wednesday

Predictions For Web Development Trends


Web development is a broad term refers to the work involved in developing a website for hosting via internet. A good and an attractive website form an absolute part for success of online business. Every new feature which graces the web with passing year, new technologies and concepts get timeworn and pave the way. With new web development trends that emerge at an ever increasing rate, only some become disruptions in changing the landscape of the industry. Web developers have to ride the tide to gain and keep a competitive edge. Hence have to keep an eye and embrace the whole wave of new technologies and being aware of which one is worth using is imperative.

Trends That Will Impact Web Development

Artificial Intelligence for web development (AI)

AI is a widely discussed topic and will witness its widespread use in the succeeding years. This is the technology which allows us to develop software which can think and act as a human without demanding the manpower skill. Google search engine is already using this technology successfully to optimize the search results more efficiently. Artificial Intelligence for web development is intended to make customer processes smoother, affordable, faster and at ease. Cloud computing and access to more data facilitates the growth of Artificial Intelligence development.

Static Website Generators 

Static websites are gaining popularity over from dynamic websites among bloggers and websites for providing online content. Static Websites provide with benefits like low costs, enhanced speed, better performance and security. These are a great way to create websites as it enables you to convert simple, plain text into a static blogs or website without the need for the data base. In addition they are tech-friendly applications in which your web pages are not complex files and simply can run on your own servers. Static Website Generators are expected to bring a distinctive revolution in the Web development technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of thing is going to make a way for itself in the forthcoming years where internet connectivity is moving from internet connected devices like desktop and mobile phones to non-internet connected diverse range of devices and daily things that use embedded technology. Some examples are security systems, lights in household and commercial environments, vending machines and so on. Businesses make use of IoT applications to automate safety tasks (for instance, when a fire extinguisher in the building is blocked, authorities notify will be notified) to performing real-world A/B testing by utilizing networked cameras and sensors to perceive how customers engage with products. With the internet of things, anything can be connected and communicate in an intelligent fashion.

Yarn Package Manager

Package managers are the significant tools used in the front-end JavaScript communities that help the web developers to install, update, configure and uninstall code modules within the applications conveniently. Two notable JavaScript package managers are NPM and Bower. Yarn is an open source JavaScript package manager with speed and improvements developed by Facebook in collaboration with Exponent, Google, and Tilde. The emergence of this new package management system will rise tremendously in the web development platform with highly reliable and mega secure systems. Yarn is harmonious with the NPM package, still differs in the approach of installing package where it uses lockfiles and in a deterministic installation algorithm.

Angular 2 JS

Angular 2 is the next version of Google’s MV structure and mobile application framework. It is a perfect choice for constructing complex applications in the browser and is equipped with everything needed to build a complex application. This technology is most commonly used by the developers because of never-ending abilities at the cutting edge of website building technology. It incorporates non-code-dependent development features like creating and managing animation timelines easily with little coding. Angular 2 JS takes advantage of the JavaScript ES6’s features that allows you to write apps in TypeScript and move them towards component driven architecture.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has a high relevance and demand in today's marketplace to quickly develop web applications. Building with Rails offers a good opportunity to practice all the skills from implementing static webpages with HTML and CSS to using programming concepts like object-oriented programming. With enhanced performance and improved aesthetic flexibilities, Ruby on Rails 5 allows web developers to focus more on the overall appearance of the website and hook them up to their desired JavaScript or native frameworks.

JavaScript in 2017

JavaScript continues its rising popularity due to its energetic ecosystem of frameworks, technologies, and libraries. JavaScript web frameworks have become a silver bullet enabling quick web app development. They allow developers with less worry about code structure or maintenance whilst focusing on creation of complex interface elements, and increase opportunities of JS and plain HTML. Since the release of ES6, and there has been substantial changes in the way of building JavaScript applications.

Virtual Reality implementation in web development

Virtual Reality is the technology used to immerse its user in an environment by creating the illusion that they are actually there. The world of gaming has its incredible popularity with emerging Virtual Reality technology and it is now moving towards other industries also. In forthcoming period Virtual Reality can become much popular as Google and Mozilla combine their efforts to develop VR APIs for the web. Virtual Reality is anticipated as one of the web development future trends to be seen in many applications in coming year including virtual real estate tours and news coverage.

In this modern era, the worldwide web has become an integral part of life. People use internet for almost everything including reading news, banking, and shopping and for many more. The digital platform is the place where stands every day a new trend come in revolutionizing the web world with new features. Hence the demand for web development is going to increase with time and has taken a forward foot. Many Web App Development Company in India have completely relies on the web development and the applications that are used by the users currently. Every new feature which graces the web development, our smartphones, even our household electrics make our lives at ease, simpler, and ultimately better.