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SEO Guide To Build Your Website Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the of a website visibility in search engine organic results. It is the process through which business organizations can increase their search engine rankings to move to the top of search engine results.

SEO service makes your website search engine friendly and thus you get higher rankings when a search engine looks for results and this will reflect in your website pages which are presented to customers. In today’s competitive market, digital marketing is very important. SEO is an important aspect among the digital market.

Fundamentals To Build A SEO Website:

  • Keywords
  • Page titles/Title tags / Meta tags
  • Link development
  • Content creation
  • Words used in links
  • Website structure


Proper keyword research is an important reason for driving traffic from search engines. Keywords are the phrases with which people search to find your website through search engines. Hence you need to know how people will look for your products or services that you offer.

Through proper optimization of your website and its content around the keywords your website has better chances of being presented by Google when the user performs the search.

If you have shortlisted a list of keywords, still you can refine that list by using the Keywords planner tool. This tool will help you by providing with better insights of targeted viewers.

Title Tags

When you target for specific keywords you have to make sure that your title tag should be close to the keyword as possible. The title tags will tell about what the page is about to search engines. They briefly but accurately describes the topic and theme of content to both SEO and user.

Title tags are often the primary part which the user sees in a website search. Hence they should make good impressions to make the user click through.

Keywords in page titles help your web pages rank higher in Google results pages. A page title is the main element of SEO which describes your web page. It is an important aspect that is viewed and scanned by the the search engine spiders.

Link Development

Link building is the technique of getting external pages to link different pages on your website. This technology used by the search engines to crawl the within the web pages of your website. As it acts as a type of advertisement in the eyes of the search engine link building is very important.

Building relevant links is the best way to increase search engine visibility. They help you to build your websites in the organic search results.

For Example: If the website URL : www.jayamwebsolutions.com

Keyword : web Design Company in Chennai India

Link Development : http://www.jayamwebsolutions.com/web-design-company-in-chennai-india.php

Content Creation

A Quality content creation is key aspect in SEO strategy. If your web content is well written and organised the chances that the visitors will stay on your website are much higher. If people trust your content they will be more inclined to read your web blog. Writing content that engage the reader and keep their attention make you better in the long run and will get your website the high rankings.

Words used in Links

In today’s search marketing, the power of keywords in links is still evident. This aspect helps you link defined keywords to related articles on your website. A streamline of keywords which affiliated to links will give you focus on the content.

Website Structure

Your website structure or Web designing is very important in terms of both SEO and user experience. Your website should be easy to navigate and search friendly that makes your visitor stay long in your website. Enhancing the browsing experience is an important factor that haws direct impact on SEO ranking. Also a quality web design will have influence on the brand as well.

Irrespective of your business size whether big or small your website need search engine traffic to succeed. If your website is SEO enabled, you obtain the chances show your website to on a search engine's front page when your keyword is typed into the search engine. SEO efforts have direct influence on your website traffic and are an important marketing tool to have a big impact on ranking. The higher your company appears on the search result, the more likely it will attract new customers.