5.08.2017 - Saturday

Things To Cross-Verify For Google Friendly Website In Development Projects

For developers, every web development projects are exciting and unique. As designers, you need to tangle upon several things (big & small) to bring good appreciative results. You need to concentrate on home page layout since it creates first impression in clients. Secondly the web design must be Google friendly. This assists the web owners to promote their products/services.

By keeping all these in mind, a web developer must also cross-check the below given points before a website launch.

Web Design Check-List:

The Website Must be Mobile Responsive:

It is estimated that 60% of website traffic are through mobile devices. This estimation rate is rapidly growing year on year. Hence it is always advisable to create a mobile responsive website than a traditional one. So double check that the website designed is responsive or not, before hosting online.

Confirm Whether 404 Page is Set Properly:

The purpose of 404 page is to convince the users to stay on website and redirect to other web pages. Therefore link to home page must be given in 404 page & this page layout must look similar to the other web pages of the same website. Cross-verify it before launch.

Check the Site Speed:

It is highly recommended to use website speed testing tool to analyze the website loading time. Web development experts suggest to do image optimization, minify CSS & JavaScript, leverage browser caching and also fix 404 errors.

Content Check-List:

Is Content Original& Plagiarism Checked?

According to Google's quality guidelines, the website contents must be plagiarism-free, original contents. The secret search engine algorithm will always monitor for duplicate contents and block the site. Therefore web content testing is essential.

Check Whether the Company Information are Accurate throughout the Site:

By giving different data about the business on web pages may cause unreliability among website users. This will lower the company’s reputation and profit. Therefore ensuring the correct data including company launch year, business profile and head-office info are MUST.

Is Image Optimization Done on All Web Pages?

Web designers include images in all or important pages of the website. The images must be relevant to the product/service. Irrelevant images may cause bad user experience. Secondly, Alternate Tags or alt tags are important SEO factor which must be added in all the product/service related images.

Is Keyword Density Accurate on All Website Pages?

Keyword density denotes the number of time the particular keyword is used in a website page. Below is the keyword density formula, Keyword Density = Number of Times Keywords Used / Total Number of Words Make sure that all web pages follow this formula.

Apart from these checklist points, also ensure the below SEO list for obtaining successful web development projects.

SEO Check-List:

  • Make Sure That URLs are Google Friendly
  • Check Whether Meta Tags are updated in All SEO Pages
  • Create Google Analytics Account & Insert The Code in All SEO Pages of Website
  • Is Schema Implemented in Web Pages

Wrapping up the above details, for any online business a successful web development is a must. A website is a platform through which companies can collaborate with customers. Thus double check the list before a website launch.