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Top 7 Tips To Rank Your Website On Top Of Google Map Search -Engine

Google Map or Google My Business is a web mapping application introduced by search engine giant. Over years, this powerful application is used by many businesses to market their trade. And now, if you are running a business without having a presence in Google My Business then unfortunately you are missing the wide marketing platform.

Are you confused on how Google Map helps your business?

Before answering this question, I like to share about the predominant uses of Google Map. Now, just imagine a person who is very hungry while walking on middle of the road and want to eat a Punjabi cuisine. Instead of asking each and every people available nearby, he can just Google search “Punjabi Hotel Near me”. Google has algorithms which can track the location of the particular person via his IP address and displays the search results of Punjabi Dhaba near to him.

Now, think if the Punjabi hotel has not Google Map optimized the business, then it might have lost valuable customers. This scenario applies to all sorts of business. And so if you are holding a business without registering in Google maps then it’s time to do it immediately.

The Advantages of Using Google Map for Your Business:

  • Gone are the days where people search yellow pages books or local newspapers for finding the niche information. Due to increased internet usage and search trend changes, people started to use their smart phone devices for searching the products/services they require within their locality. Google Map acts as a hub which connects customers and local businesses.
  • When your competitors are present on Google Map, their company/website name with location details will be listed when people search in Google Map, instead of yours. And so why to miss the business opportunities? Be listed in this tool.
  • The survey taken last year says Google Map as favored nearly 70% of smart phone users. And it is predicted that this estimation will go high in upcoming years.
  • Google offers this robust location searching tool for free. Then why don’t you avail it for developing your business?

Tips To Optimize Your Website for Google Map Ranking:

Google Map optimization works similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Follow the below given tips to get your business listed on the niche and also to optimize the same.

  • Enter into http://www.google.com/localbusinesscenter and give information asked about your business.
  • Give Description including keywords (as like Meta description in SEO) in Google Map business page. As only 200 characters are allowed, try to provide briefed business description. To do so, think on people’s perspective and how they search your business on Google. And again, you can look your competitors too. You can stay informed and on track by checking your competitor for providing Google map description.
  • Filling the correct contact information is must. If you are running business in several locations then including all of it will be an advantage. On the other hand, if you are about to relocate your trade to new place then update your location change in Google map. Instead of updating, you can also create a new business profile in Google map. However deleting the old Google Business page is wise option. If not, people may find it confusing to see the same business in two locations. This may pull down the reliability too.
  • Many times people will not only see the location they will also visit your website to find other required details. So include your website URL in Google business page. Having website is the most important one for every company’s online presence. If you don’t have website, please get it developed from a reliable website design company. Business without website are losing their reliability among the netizens.
  • You can add photos/videos of your business as it gives visual treat to visitors. Though this is not a compulsory marketing strategy, photos give self-explanation about your trade.
  • Google Map allows businesses to choose 5 categories that are closely related to their industry verticals. Through category options, Google algorithm will display the search results. Therefore be specific while choosing those 5 categories. To do so, list out the groups of target people who are suitable to search for your products/services in Google map and list accordingly.
  • Google gives value for the reviews that you get from customers. Reviews will replicate the trust that people have on your product or service. And so, send invitation notes to loyal customers to give feedback on your Google map page. You can also share those reviews in social media to make the brand go viral.

Mistakes That Must Be Avoided in Google Map Optimization:

Here listed are some common mistakes which entrepreneurs must avoid while handling Google Map optimization.

  • Stuffing too many keywords: Simply, Google hates spam. So avoid guessing of keywords and adding loads of keywords in your business listings.
  • Provide contact details that you use currently. If there is a change in contact details, update the same in your Google business page. When your contact number is not reachable for customers, they may turn their attention to your competitor.
  • Not getting listed on local business directories – This is another big blunder that businesses must avoid. Google will fetch your local business information from online business directories. So post your business details in as many directories you can.
  • When your business page is without reviews and ratings, search engine will just neglect it. So try hard to figure out the ways to get these on your listings. Mostly, users will give positive reviews unless your business gives completely bad experience to them.
  • Is the Google map page without your profile photo? Then you must regret for it. Users can gain “Look & Feel” effect via your business profile photos. So give them the pleasant experience. For instance, instead of just using the Google map marker to fix your business location, hospitals and institutions can add their building photos in Google map page. There are various types of photos that can be added in your business listings – profile photo, logo, cover photo (i.e displayed in Google plus page) and similar kind of photos depending on your business.

Wrapping up about Google local business listings – it is mandatory for any business to get more customers.

Roll of a Professional SEO Company

If you cannot follow these Google map optimization techniques by yourself then find a good SEO company to do the job for you.

Handy Tips to Choose the Perfect SEO Company:

  • The best way to find out the right SEO Company is by viewing their previous works.
  • Is the SEO agency fair with prices?
  • Choose the digital marketing company that really cares for your business.

After choosing the online marketing agency,

-- Provide all the necessary information about your business (including website name, contact details, business address) to them

-- And get listed in Google local search results.