30.06.2017 - Wednesday

Ultimate Guide For An Effective SEO Audit Of Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy keep on changing. Hence it is mandatory for the business entrepreneurs to conduct periodical assessments of their website. With proper optimization of the website, it will result in traffic and increase in potential customers. SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. High quality website SEO audit has become a growing need these days.

SEO audit helps to analyse the overall health of your website in compliance with the Google’s best practices. This audit result will provide the recommendations for improving your rank on the search engine.

Introduction to SEO Audit – Keep Your Website Healthy

SEO audit is a process that evaluates the infrastructure of the website for necessary changes to keep updated for a profitable SEO campaign. This audit assess both on page and off page elements for better usability and visibility of website leading to conversion. An effective audit will uncover you the hidden errors that are hurting the search engine ranking of your website.

Re-evaluating your SEO strategy is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. In SEO audit entire website will be crawled based on parameters like pages, Meta, links, domain review, images, technologies, mobile responsive and usability of website. These audits should be performed at regular intervals to identify drawbacks of existing website and help to rectify. A right SEO audit approach will analysis the entire website in a matter of minutes and provide you a clear picture of actions to implement.

Why You Needs SEO Audit

Below are some of the reasons that why you have conduct SEO audit at regular intervals.

  • Search Engines are constantly updating their algorithms
  • To make sure you are complaint with Google web master guide lines
  • To know of existing website status and find hidden issues that hinder your business visibility
  • For better visibility of your website on search engine results
  • To review the links to your website and find about good and bad links
  • Maximise the targeted online traffic
  • Opportunity to improve your domain authority
  • To update the out-dated content with latest contents to keep the website fresh and attract more visitors

SEO Audit And Options

  • On page SEO audit
  • Off page SEO audit
  • Technical audit

On page SEO audit

On page SEO audit is considered as the most important process of website audit. On page techniques refers to those tactics to optimize a particular web page for high search engine rank.

Some of the important elements of on page SEO audit are:

  • Title tags and missing title tags
  • Title tags with appropriate keywords
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Meta tags
  • Unique and quality content
  • Optimised images as per latest SEO practices
  • Internal links presence to facilitate search engine
  • Check if broken links are there
  • Website speed and structure

Off page audit

  • Social media – Social Media is the best platform to expand your reach beyond your website for building off page SEO strategy.
  • Blog marketing – By commenting in the blogs and adding links to your website will help the search engine crawl and point towards your website.
  • Press releases - Press releases also strengthen your off page SEO strategy. Press releases can be used as “Weighing in” to attract attention of journalists.
  • Directory submission – You can submit to general business directories list which will help you to improve brand recognition and to build trust with consumers.
  • Social Bookmarking - It is an excellent way for promoting your website. By submitting the latest blogs about your website in popular book marking websites you can increase your website traffic. Based on your effective participation and frequently updated contents, you can drive better traffic.

Technical SEO audit

Technical audit is aimed to find out how the website is accessible for search engines and robots. Some of the checkpoints involved in technical SEO audit are:

  • Detailed crawl of website – You can download applications from the internet for crawling the web pages. This application will crawl the web pages like search engine
  • URL directs and duplicate content – Google web master addresses the duplicate title tags and contributes to better performance. Also by redirecting URL, you can direct the visitors not to encounter the error message giving them the better user experience.

Search Engine Optimization industry is extremely unstable. In order to keep up the competition regular SEO audits are very important. It will help you to keep your website up to date with latest updates. SEO audit will explore the opportunities for constructing the web pages and help you rank as high as possible in organic search results.