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Why Are Web Applications Considered A Must In Today‘s Business?


Web application developmentis the process of application programs that exist in remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device through the Internet. Web application developmenthas made a secure and static dwelling on cloud nine recently. It is imperative for all businesses to have an online presence for a growth beyond boundaries. The best way to have online presence is the web applications which play a pivotal role for the business in its overall growth and market penetration.

Why Is Web application developmentImportant for Enterprises?

Utility and Business Usability - These days, user experience grasps a conspicuous thing in every business organization and hence the focus of business organisations rests in enhancing the user experience. Users feel comfortable browsing either on desktops or in their smartphones as and when they like and hate to be constrained to just one medium. It is the urge of usability of Web application developmentcomes handy for a modern day enterprise.

Publicity and branding – Unless have a proper web application, it is no longer possible for the businesses to see a growth in their market share. Web applications help businesses to reach new customers and let them know about the products and the services provided by it. A proper communication channel between potential customers and the business organization can be achieved by web apps. Distribution of the product knowledge as well as opportunities for selling the services or products can be increased through web application development. Popularity of the organization gets boosted thus web applications play a crucial role in the branding process.

Competitive edge - Customer demands holds a critical part in shaping the future strategies of a business enterprise.

Different businesses have been transforming their business models and focuses based on the pulse of their potential customers and existing customer base. Most customers prefer browsing experience on the go. Irrespective of their browsing needs, their inclinations are drifting towards the world of “apps”. Web application developmentis thereby required to keep a business app-ready to beat competition in the present business setup.

Easily customisable - Web-based applications user interface is easier to customise than with traditional desktop applications. So it is easier to update the look and feel of the application to different user groups. Consequently there is no longer any need for everyone to settle for using the very same interface at all times. Rather you can find the perfect look for each situation and user.

Adaptable to increased workload – Increased processor capacity is an added advantage with the development of web applications. If an application requires more power to perform tasks only the server hardware needs to be upgraded.

Web applications capacity can be increased by running the software on several servers simultaneously. With increase in workload, new servers can be added to the system easily. In simple terms if a server fails, it can be replaced without affecting the overall performance of the application.

Dos and Donts of Effective Web application development:

Create web apps to draw attention to the most important thing, Do not build from your point of view - Before a web app is ever developed the most important part of the process is to discover the path you choose to lead your customers down. Consider your goals, whether it wish for them to fill out a form, the call to action points are need to be taken into note. The more you work with any software, the more instinctive it becomes. This may confuse users.

Build for a multi-screened world, Do not use the “latest and greatest” - The Web application developmenthas shifted dramatically because of surplus new devices hitting the market every day. So web apps must accommodate these changes into their workflows. Occasionally latest may not be the greatest if it is buggy and unstable. Before trying out the latest operating system, examine and test it to see its stability to assure a good control over its operation.

Start with a reliable technology stack - Utilizing unproven new technology when developing web applications may run the risk of that might never catch on. Choose out for proven technology with stability, security, and maintainability for overall success of your web applications.

Avoid Access directly with user supplied information, Sanitize user inputs - Accessing a database directly with user-supplied information leads to security breaches. Verify that stuff entering into your code do not make anything wrong and cause more damage. Run all fields through an HTML encoding function, to facilitate scripts get converted to harmless text instead of executing.

Encrypt sensitive user data, Do not store sensitive data in plain text - Failing to secure user authentication credentials will not only harms your customers, but also can cause irreparable damage to a company’s reputation. Encryption will help protect your sensitive information from intruders when your database is compromised.

Maintaining a web application development:

Opinion Monitoring and Regular Updating - Make sure that everything works fine, and the user is satisfied and is adaptable to make changes if required. Adding feedback system will allow you to detect potential problems from the end-users face. Another important thing is to keep your web applications up to date to prevent from bugs and decrease security risks.

Develop a support scheme – It is very important to be able to support and stabilize your web applications. Define a procedure call for cases of failure in order to give your customers the ability to contact you in the case of an emergency relating to the program. For instance, a ticket tracking system allows users to file cases related to a support request and the support team then makes the case track able.

Deploying and Maintaining a Web application - After have tested the Web application for satisfaction with its performance, you can deploy it to the Web server to make it available to the users. For this you need to copy the virtual root and its file set to the production Web server. Web applications do not need to recompile and redistribute an entirely new executable file for upgradation. All it need is to do add new files and replace previous versions.

Production - This is the stable released version of the software available to the end-users. This version does not change till the next iteration of the software is proven to be stable and ready to be released. Production environment is the actual environment where your system will run after deployment.

How Jayam web solutions is the right Technology for your Web application?

Understand your requirements – We understand your actual end goals and will make sure to achieve that with our developed we b applications. You’re your requirements are gathered we identify your core modules for web applications are most dependant on. We opt for the technology that handles most of your requirements out of the box.

Multi Capability – We encompass custom Web application and CMC web application developments based on our customer requirements. We may develop an existing open source solution if it needed to customize your specific requirement. We use structured framework programming, finest programming methods, coding guidelines and standards for best Web application developmentsolutions.

Customer satisfaction – We create web applications considering business issues for your customers, produces more elevated amounts of customer fulfilment, and makes new path for relationship. Our experts have empowered our customers to build strong relationship with their valuable clients and helped enhance their intensity, proficiency, gainfulness and viability in the business scenario.

Time frame - We have a well versed application development team to help you communicate your ideologies efficiently to your audience in the most elegant manner possible. Our skilled and adaptable experts with hands on most recent technologies catch up with the customer and develop best web applications that tailor the customers necessities, affordable and delivering a best quality web applications in predefined time frame.


With the change in customer perception, it is mandatory for organisations to rethink their strategies and remodel their web presence in a way that suit the convenience of users across all platforms .Web application developmenthas boosted the growth of a virtual business market like a real market. Web applications are generating better business strategies and policies to smoothen the business concepts to gain profitability and success for all. So, use of web application for your business makes the system more workable and gaining like never before.For your support in developing your first web application we are there for assistance at Jayam Web solutions.