Why My Business Needs A Web Design?

Even in this web trendy world, few businesses ask “Why My Business Need a Website?”

The simple answer is – “You need a website to outstand your competitors”. Today, having a website for business is not luxury, it is mandatory.

A well designed website will portray the credibility of your business by itself. Secondly, you can give complete details about your products/services in the website.

A Website is niche platform where you can share all the information related to your business. In turn, people will get to know about your trade in one place (Website) rather than surfing different online locations to figure out the exact details.

Moreover a Website is the medium which bridges the gap between the customers and the businesses. In recent trend, without a website - you cannot promote your business in online platform and increase the sales.

Why professional web design is important while creating a website?

  • A professional, eye-popping web design plays a vital role in attracting audience. Without a good-looking web design you cannot establish in online business. That is, when your website looks bad and not user-friendly, then it is hard to promote it online.
  • Website wills grab user-attention only when it is user-friendly. For example, customers feel annoyed when they are often asked to see the pop-ups or asked to fill the subscription forms. And so, website designers must follow these techniques while developing a website.
  • People feel overwhelmed when they are redirected to irrelevant pages of the website. For example, you are running an ecommerce websitethat sells sports products. Visitors are re-directed to “football” page instead of “volleyball”. The visitor’s intention is to buy volleyball from your online store. As people are landed in irrelevant page, they move out of your website.

Now, below are the 2017 facts that explains the significance of attractive web designs.

-- 34% of people stay on website when the website design is "smart & attractive"

-- 36% of people contact the local businesses after seeing their website.

-- 60% of smartphone users utilize the mobile devices to surf on internet. And so, responsive websites gets more visitors.

If you are wondering why your business needs a professional & mobile responsive website design?

Here are the reasons,

First and foremost, a proper website can be a visual treat to its visitors. If the website loading time is high then people get frustrated and leave the web page within few seconds. They simply move to your competitors’ website. In turn, you will lose your business and profits. And so, check the website loading time.

A professional website creates a great user-friendly environment. A good, attractive website becomes close to heart for visitors. This tend them to visit repeatedly. When a website fails to satisfy the visitors’ requirement (both visually and technically) then it fails in business too. Hence design a website that fulfills the goals of user friendly optimization.


Businesses need a mobile responsive websites. Here are the reasons,

Your customers must reach you irrespective of devices they use for it - Desktop, tablet, smartphone etc. By this way, you won't miss out the target audience who are using any of this devices.

Furthermore, the web survey says,

-- More than 70% of people use smartphones for browsing and for online shopping.

-- Nearly 55% of social sharing happens via mobile devices.

-- By having a mobile responsive websites, you can rank well in search engine since it is most recommended approach by Google.

-- Web estimation says that mobile search will overtake desktop search in upcoming years. And so being prepared for it is always better.

Importance of SEO friendly Website Design:

If your website is not listed in search engine ranking then having a website is of no use. Your website won’t get visitors and sales without getting search result on first page of Google. For this,

  • A website designer must create a website that are attractive and also seo-friendly.
  • You can create content for website pages (by placing keywords strategically) and make an appealing video which describes about your business. Visitors will get to know about your business easily by watching the video.
  • Use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc..

As businesses, you can run a successful online business only by having a website that satisfy all below criteria. Only when you have all these, your website is considered as attractive and competitive website.

  • The website must gain reliability among target audience
  • It must help you to reach global customers
  • Increases the business value, customer base & sales.

So check whether your website holds these, if not then it is time to redesign.

Well, you can directly consult the web design company where you can say about your requirements and get the work done perfectly.

A good Website design Company must have the below checklist to offer standalone web designing service:

  • The web design company must have extended knowledge in latest technology
  • The company must have well-experienced website designers
  • Check whether the company gives web design services at realistic price
  • The niche should be capable of designing an evergreen website
  • They must have a web designing strategy

How to travel as entrepreneur by keeping “website” as a base

If you are not having a website then create one that holds above discussed features. By this way, you are taking a giant step to get more visitors. You can instantly start your online trade with the help of website.

Secondly, if you have website and waiting for customers, it won’t happen automatically? Get help from seo experts to promote your trade online. This makes your website stand ahead of competitors. People will see your website on top of Google search results. This is great way to get more visitors.

Finally, you have an attractive website and also on Google search results then consider having a mobile app.

This is step-wise ladder that any businesses must claim to reach the peak of business development.