4.07.2017 - Tuesday

Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App?

Mobile application development indicates the process of software application developed for mobile devices. Mobile applications help users to connect to internet services commonly accessed in desktop sites on the go. You may wonder why I need a mobile app when I have a website. If you need to provide your customers mobile friendly content then undoubtedly the mobile applications is the way to move on. Increased usage of mobile phone users denotes that mobile apps are inevitable tool to upturn your engagement with customer.

Types of App

Native App – These apps are developed for use on a particular device. For example the app developed for IOS won’t work on Android platform. Because the app uses specific software and Hardware of the device it provides faster performance and better reliability.

Web App – A Web application program is stored in a remote server and through the browser it is made available on the internet. These applications are compatible with multiple platforms despite of OS. Google apps are the well-known web based apps. You can customize your own branding and can have multiple user access.

Hybrid App - These apps are the combination of both the elements of native app and web app. This means you can enjoy the faster performance as like native app and tailored user experience of web app. Because of native infrastructure hybrid apps can work offline.

Why a small business needs mobile app

While your small business is good with your own website it still can be more profitable with the mobile app. Since mobile and internet users increasing rapidly these days you can reach many core customers through mobile app. If you have your own mobile app you can provide your customers uniqueness. Through your app you can send messages to your customers about special offers, deals, and discounts as push notifications. Your sales can be increased as the customers can purchase at any time and from any place through apps.You can increase your business visibility through apps.For example if you are running a restaurant, you can provide your customers online slot selection option enabling them to be known of free table or not. And it works great while celebrating parties or small get together. With digital menu option customers can have a hassle free experience with a few clicks to choose their desired menu. With door delivery option and mobile payments customers can enjoy their food at home without making physical movement.

Important role of mobile apps in various sectors

Some of the industries that are being benefited through mobile app are

  • Travel – With the partnership and travel and tourism a single app facilitates ticket booking, Cab rentals for travel and sight-seeing and even shopping the items related to travel.
  • Entertainment –In this hectic and tensed world people make use of entertainment to come out of difficulty. Through apps they can book tickets for their favourite movies, shows and save and watch offline in their leisure time.
  • Social network – Social network Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams have gained a huge customers and linked them together through apps. And recently you might have noticed their big positive impact during floods.
  • It is obvious the demand of mobile apps has accelerated in all businesses. To survive with that, you should have well designed and developed brilliant mobile applications. You can stand out from the competition using the mobile apps in your business. Effective communication can be established either by email or phone to resolve customer issues and queries and so you can be engaged with customers. As people spend more and more time on smart phones mobile apps can be a better source in to know well about their choices and needs and hence mobile apps can power your business level to reach much higher extent.