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Domain Registration

Domain name is the identity for your online business. People will recognize your trade via domain name. Hence, there are some golden rules to choose the domain name.

Follow the below given rules to choose the good domain name for your online presence:

  • Choosing inappropriate domain name will confuse your potential customers and topple your online business. And so, it is essential to choose the domain name that suits your business.
  • It is acceptable to use alphabets from a - z, numbers from 0 -9 and also hyphen symbol in between the text. But remember, hyphen must not be a start or end character. Capital letters can be used as per the requirement.
  • Select the domain name that are simple yet effective. By choosing complicated domain name, people tend to forget it easily. Hence there are more chances for your business to lose its customers.
  • Check for the domain name that are seo-friendly. Keyword rich domain name is always good for online marketing purposes.

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Your online presence starts with great domain registration, here are some tips for getting your domain registered:

  • Choose the domain name that is closely related to your business industry. Generic domain names are complicated to promote online. Moreover generic domains might be already used by someone, so prefer using niche domain names.
  • Consider choosing .com or or   based on your country. If it is not available, go to the next option.
  • Long domain names are difficult to use and people forget your brand. Instead use short & simple domain names.
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