Websites that stay fresh and constant updates are proven to enhance traffic, boost sales and build up brand authority. Don’t lose conversions with a stale, shattered, or vulnerable website. Web Site Maintenance Services by third party can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers.

We JAYAM WEB SOLUTIONS help you to maintain and update latest information about your company, brand, products & Services, News, Events, and anything else that are relevant, geared to generate the maximum returns from your web site.

Updating the site

In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are. The beauty of a website lies in updating timely to reflect new products or new developments in your enterprise. You can launch new campaigns, and at any time you can add more content.

Promoting the site

We provide unique digital marketing solutions that can help you to reach your goal. With our web optimization services like SEO we take your business to the next level in the web scenario.

Maintain and develop the site

A powerful hosting, design, maintenance and promotional tools provided along with step-by-step guidance enabling complete beginners to build, develop and manage effective websites. Even before you start the website you should be thinking one step ahead to develop the site intelligently and vigorously, and ultimately be successful in your web project.


  • Eliminating old and putting back new, items and press releases in the websites
  • Changes in holiday information.
  • Removing and correcting broken links to external websites.
  • Updating images on website.
  • Offers points of interest and changes in offers and related data.
  • Date related information (e.g., events of your company throughout the year).
  • Reformatting website databases to maintain the site for speedy load.
  • Put in staff profile and recruitment information in the website.
  • Updating new achievements related information.
  • Changes in content, comments and norms if any.
  • One time permanent maintenance as per our customers wish.

Our cost effective web maintenance and flexible way and helps you to keep your site in first class condition forever. Self-Web maintenance makes your time and energy waste, this leads to less concentration on your major work. After promoting your work to Jayam you can stay free and concentrate on other works, as we care more for its clients. You can become busy on your work. Basically there is a gossip that maintaining the website is harder than creating the website, but through Jayam both made easy. As soon as we receive maintenance requests by email, we start the web maintenance work and complete it according to the size of changes. Rate also changes according to the size of the work.

A standout amongst the competitive websites is the design phase. Many individuals skip this stage altogether and it's anything but difficult to tell when you take a glance at their site. Outlining a web site is simple. In the event that you need your visitor to buy something, then you should make it simple and helpful. Everything must stream to the buy, and nothing must obstruct. In the event that you need them to join your affiliation, then stream your site to that. Outline every page, giving careful consideration to route, shading plans and, once more, tying everything in with your basic role.

Some rules to follow

  • Always link back to your landing page. Keep in mind other sites may interface anyplace, and you need to give your visitor a path back to whatever remains of the site regardless of where he lands. This is critical.
  • Put a catch on each and every page which permits your guests to send you an email. A form is superior to anything heading off to the email program since you have more control of the arrangement and what questions you can inquire.
  • Make sure your colour scheme works. You would prefer not to hurt your visitor's eyes.
  • Pay care regarding load times. Try not to incorporate huge representation, or in the event that you should then thumbnail them to be thoughtful to your less patient visitors.
  • Stay legal - don't steal images, text or bandwidth.
  • Stick to the point. You need your visitor to accomplish something - don't wander around or you may lose him.
  • Design for search engines. Incorporate meta-tags, ALT labels on images and you should be sure to include a descriptive title.

Your website is a mirror image of yourself. It contains your thoughts and communications, presented to the whole world at all circumstances. One clue that reveals me more than whatever else is regardless of whether the site is stayed up with the latest. Another clue to a neglected site is, the person made a web ring and got a few hundred individuals to join. Some of the tasks you should be performing are listed below


You should promote your web site constantly. Each and every day you ought to accomplish something, anything, which endeavours to get visitors to your site. This is phenomenally basic so as to guarantee that individuals keep on visiting your site day after day.

Check your links

Another task that must be performed all the time is checking for "Link riot". This is the inclination for broken connections to seem everywhere on a site. It is most regular with external links however can happen every so often with internal links.

Change Your Site

People expect sites on the web to be always showing signs of change. If your site is static and unchanging there is no purpose behind somebody to return.

Monitor Your Site

Subscribe to a service which checks your site on a regular basis. . This is critical, as though your site is continually "Bouncing" you will find it being expelled from web search engines and your visitors levels will drop.

Review Your Statistics

A task you should be performing on a regular basis is to review your statistics. At the very least, you should check your page counts to be sure that your site is being seen. At best, you need to know where people are originating from, which browsers they are utilizing and what they what they went to while they were at your site.

Publish a Newsletter

I firmly believe that all webmasters who maintain sites of any significance should regularly publish a newsletter. This allows interested visitors to be updated on events and new materials published on the site, and give the webmaster a method for communicating with his audience at will.

Stay Up-to-Date

All webmasters need to stay up-to-date on new technologies which they can use to enhance their web site Moreover, getting certified, joining organizations, proceeding with their education and attending conventions is essential to remain current and dynamic.

Review Your Site

Occasionally review your site. When you look over a page, check your grammar, spelling and accuracy. Keep in mind that as time advances your articles may get to be distinctly stale, so make sure and recheck your conclusions and facts.

Check Your Site's Security

Learn as much as you can about site security, and guarantee that, to the best of your abilities and knowledge, that your site is secure. This guarantees your customers and visitors’ data stays confidential and safe. It also shields you and your web host from harm.