Benefits of Reliable Web Hosting Customer Support Services

These days, hundreds of companies offer web hosting services to worldwide customers. To check this, you can simply type the phrase "Shared web hosting service providers" in Google search. You will get the search results with loads of company names - both top-notch as well as start ups.

Being businesses, you might get confused on which one to choose and which web hosting company will suit your business online. To go further, many web hosting companies will even promise to offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space and hosting support for multiple websites. However there is one important factor that businesses must remember while choosing the best web hosting company. And that is “Customer Support Service”.

Here is the short survey list that clearly explains the importance of customer service.

-- Nearly 52% of people are honestly ready to move to another web hosting service provider due to bad customer service.

-- 80% of businesses stopped their business dealing with web hosting service providers due to unprofessional customer support.

-- 40% of businesses are ready to pay more and have more business dealings with reliable web hosting support providers.

Usually, by default, web hosting providers say that they offer 24*7 customer supports. But businesses must be careful while choosing one of them. It’s hard to check the customer support service so you can either make a call and clarify your doubts or take up a trial by choosing small web hosting package for the first time. When you are satisfied you can proceed further.

Let’s look into the benefits that businesses get via proper web hosting customer support service. Therefore don’t neglect to check these things in a web host providers.

You Can Fix the Web Hosting Issue In Any Part of The Day:

Just imagine that your website is not visible due to server error for long period of time. And when you call to web hosting customer support providers, no one is available to answer your query. Could you imagine what will happen next? Yes. Obviously your business online will fall over as target people will try to visit your website which is unavailable. This makes the website visitors to move to your business competitors.

Though, none of the web hosting service providers can offer 100% error free services. However the customer support team must be ready to take your problems in web hosting at any time and resolve them as early as possible. Hence you won’t miss the chance of reaching the target audiences. Therefore a professional web hosting customer service providers will always be ready to take up your queries and resolve them at the earliest.

Sticking to The Commitments:

As like any other business, meeting the commitments is important in web hosting too. This feature is most important as it differentiate the amateur web hosting providers with the professional ones.

You might have selected the plan which offers certain web hosting facilities. For example, unlimited bandwidth, free for one year etc. It is the duty of customer support team to convey the package details to the concern web hosting team and make them deliver the results within stipulated time.

You Can Enjoy the Web Hosting Services That Gives No Fake Promises:

When the customer support team is loyal and reliable, the businesses can really enjoy the web hosting services without headaches.

You might have selected the best web hosting services, however if the support team lacks to provide necessary information or when they give fake info about the services then it creates unwanted pressure for businesses.

Therefore, you can make the call and ask the below questions to judge the efficiency of the customer support team:

  • What are the web hosting packages available?
  • How will you handle website security issues?
  • How will you handle when the website is hacked?
  • How frequent will the website be backed up?

All these are technical questions, though the support team must be ready to answer these. So that, you can conclude that, not only web hosting team but also the support members are technically good. And they can assist for your website hosting in fruitful manner.

They Advise about Good Web Hosting Features:

There are two types of web hosting possibilities – by having separate website hosting and email hosting or by merging these two hosting.

However the first one is best as it saves more space for website. For example, if businesses is having web hosting for website as well as email in same server and when he is using the email space for sending more business emails then it creates web space problems.

Hence the customer support team must give proper information about the web spacing and plan details to all the clients. Some businesses may require hosting multiple websites then they must be given information about how the website hosting can be done in affordable cost.

They Build Trust and Offer Uninterrupted Support:

The customer support team is the representatives of the web hosting company therefore they must be reliable. The businesses must able to contact them via phone or email and receive response as early as possible.

As first and foremost, the support members must listen to your web hosting requirements and suggest the package plans accordingly. Instead they must not stick only to the company’s package. The web hosting services must be customized to users’ needs as each business is unique. For example, businesses may hold an ecommerce website. The web hosting for ecommerce website is different from static ones. Or businesses may have two or three websites and might require hosting for all of it. Hence the web hosting requirements vary among clients. The duty of support team is to hear those requirements completely and offer suggestions about the plans accordingly.

As discussed earlier, when the email hosting and web hosting is done in same server then there are chances for the server to go down at some point of time (When it lacks in web space). However this will NOT be the only reason for website problems. Sometimes, the internet network may be down in clients end. And it is the duty of support team to identify the issue properly and communicate it with the businesses.

Secondly, when malware activities are found in the website, the support members MUST inform it to the web hosting team to rectify the issue.

Professional web hosting along with good customer support team brings business profits to the clients. Hence businesses must be alert while choosing the web hosting services. Choose the web hosting providers who have strong customer support members as they are the ones who is going to act as bridge between web hosting professionals and businesses.

Use these tips while handling with web hosting providers and live with “Peace of Mind” by leaving the rest to customer support team.

As Web Hosting Company, What We Do:

  • Shared Web hosting: This type of hosting is suitable for business that holds simple, informative websites which have no frequent updates – Either dynamic or static. However when the businesses do digital marketing for the website under shared hosting – the website may go down when it gets more number of visitors (Website traffic is high).
  • However we resolve the issue first that aids the businesses to run steady digital marketing and then discuss with clients about up-gradation.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: Usually businesses who own an ecommerce website can prefer selecting dedicated hosting. But the ecommerce websites are suitable for VPS and cloud hosting too. But remember that SSL certification is MOST important for ecommerce websites (has it holds payment gateway details within the website) as it amplifies the security system.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server): It is also referred to as virtualized server. The VPS hosting environment will resemble the combination of dedicated server within shared hosting. If you are the start-up company who don't require the dedicated server (Just initiating the digital marketing process and have only few clicks per day) then you can opt VPS and save some money.
  • Cloud Web Hosting: Downtime is less in cloud hosting when compared to any other hosting plans. It is because, in cloud hosting, several resources are used to host your website information and so when one resource face the downtime, the website will run effortlessly in another resource automatically. Hence, businesses who are holding a busy website or handling digital marketing where you get more number of website clicks then cloud hosting is recommended.
  • Email Hosting: As discussed previously, email hosting will be useful for businesses who send more number of business emails including reply to customers, sending salary transaction details or sending newsletters via company’s email.
  • You can choose any of these, depending on your business requirements. However we assure you that upgrade and server migration is possible at any time.