5.10.2017 - Thursday

6 Brilliant Ways To Promote Your Ecommerce Website

Hope your dream of launching an ecommerce store has come true.

You have successfully got your ecommerce website designed by a professional and loaded products according to their category.

Right, what next?

Are you waiting for sales to come automatically?

Then you must wait for it lifelong. The ecommerce website promotion and sales will never happen robotically.

But never panic. If you are unknown of ways to market your ecommerce business then go through this article.

I assure that, by reading this article completely, you will get ample number of ideas to market your brand and sell your products online.

Speaking Directly About the Ecommerce Promotion – below listed are few techniques which must be followed by ecommerce entrepreneurs to boost their products sales.

  • Make the Shopping Process Simple
  • When It Comes to Online Shopping, Reliability is Like Mirror
  • Maximize the Ecommerce Business via Email Marketing
  • Get Help from Social Networking Websites
  • Leverage Blog Promotion
  • Do Search Engine Optimization

Let me brief it.

Make the Shopping Process Straight-Forward

Many retailers fail to simplify the shopping experience of their customers.

Just imagine, you have landed in online shopping website and added all your favorite products into shopping cart. But if the payment process is complicated, people will step out of the website and turn towards your competitors.

The annoying check-out process not only bring bad experience for your customers but it will also let down your ecommerce trade.

Survey says that it takes only 50 milliseconds for visitors to get attracted to a website. This in-turn implies that it takes only 50 milliseconds for you to convert the visitors into customers. And so, Entrepreneurs and web design companies must pay attention to the ecommerce web designs, as it is best way to attract audience effortlessly.

People feel overwhelmed when they are asked to fill the lengthy form in check-out page. Instead, the ecommerce checkout page must demand only necessary information from its customers.

How to Build Reliability in Your Ecommerce Sales?

People prefer ecommerce giants like Shopify, Flipkart and Amazon for online shopping. Do you think it is only because of discounts offered by these companies? Certainly not.

The above listed ecommerce companies have built a strong online reputation. Their entire online system is secured and safe for sharing the personal & banking details.

This doesn't mean, people will simply neglect the start-ups. Make sure that you have picked the secured platform for hosting your ecommerce website & have implemented strong SSL authentication.

Maximize the Ecommerce Business via Email Marketing

Is simple invitation email enough to drive visitors to your ecommerce website? If you are imagining to this type of email marketing, then undoubtedly the email campaign results will disappoint you.

A SEO guru, Neil Patel says,

"Through effective email marketing, ecommerce entrepreneur can drive 23% of sales approximately".

To make most out of your email campaign, be personalized. Personalized ads and personalized landing page will increase the CTR of the website. And so, a personalized emails will convince the individuals to visit the ecommerce page.

Tips to Use Social Networking Websites for Promoting Ecommerce Business

Being an ecommerce entrepreneur, you will hardly find time to promote your business in social media networks. And so, it is advisable to outsource this job to a reliable SEO company.

But it's your duty to double check whether or not the SEO company follow the below listed social marketing strategies.

It is estimated that nearly 137 million Facebook accounts are fake. Thus by following the bunch of these Facebook followers will not add any value to your ecommerce trade. Ensure that the social media channels are utilized properly and it focuses on real time users.

It is very essential to analyze which social media platforms will rightly suit your online trade. If your ecommerce store is based on image sharing then Instagram, Pinterest are suitable for your business. Similarly if you like to get sales via images & photos promotion, Facebook is niche platform for it. And so, analyze and rightly choose the social networking platforms to reach the target people easily. By this way, you can save time and get more business leads.

Secondly, check whether the social media promotion report answers the below questions:

  • Is the social channels rightly focusing on target audience?
  • Whether or not the target audience are actively engaged in your business page?
  • Is the social promotion converting any sales?

Studies say that Pinterest & Instagram are popularly used social platforms for sharing product pictures. Instead of just sharing the product images, one can also like and comment other photos. This is most powerful way to grow huge followers.

Make sure, by the end of the day, it is NOT just liking and sharing pictures. It must generate sales.

You can create a YouTube channel for your ecommerce business since this platform is considered as most popular medium of promoting business. People like to grab things visually instead of reading 4000+words article.

And so,

Create a YouTube video that demonstrates “How to Use Your Products? Or Benefits of using it”

For example, if you sell “Sports Shoes”, you can create a video that explains the benefit of using the sports shoe, its durability and what people feel by using that product. Hence it elaborates the chances for the target audience to see the video and buy that product.

Leverage Blog Promotion

If you are running an ecommerce business without doing blog promotion - Then you are missing the massive content marketing strategy.

Before starting a blog, analyze how people search for your products. The blog articles must provide answers for people queries regarding your trade.

For instance "How-to" articles and videos will greatly help the people to use the products.

An article on "How to use hair straighter?" will directly give tips to target audience and it will also stimulate the readers to buy your product.

Don’ts of Blog Promotion:

  • Never prepare promotional articles. Though the intention behind blog promotion is SALES, don’t say that directly. Gradually, people will lose hope and reliability when they are forced to buy your products.
  • Do not produce irrelevant content. If you are selling “Digital cameras online” and preparing a “how-to” article on “How to use coffee-maker?” will not help you in any means.
  • The content must not redirect the readers. The messy content will create confusion among audience and makes them switch to other competitor.

Do Search Engine Optimization

When you ask any leading SEO companies. They say that there is a huge difference between traditional SEO and SEO for ecommerce website.

Recently, more number of ecommerce stores are emerging. This means, more competition for your business. But fortunately, many ecommerce businesses fail to do SEO for their online store. And so, you can overcome those competitions with little smart work and by understanding the recent online marketing strategies.

On-page search engine optimization is really challenging tasks for any ecommerce store because it holds many category and product pages. And so, to do seo for ecommerce websites,

Write Keyword Rich Product Descriptions for All Web Pages:

We all know that SEO is built around keywords. And so, write Meta description & product description based on the keywords.

It is via keywords, you can pull the target visitors to your ecommerce store. You must also concentrate on product pages URL (It must also be keyword rich)

Make Website Navigation Simple:

Visitors will get frustrated when they are asked to navigate into unwanted website pages to get landed in their desired web page. Therefore it is essential to add schema to product pages as it directs the visitors to niche landing page.

Include Alt Tags for All Products:

Alternate tags takes a huge place in search engine optimization, that too for ecommerce website (as it holds many product pictures). Give keywords as alt tags for all the product pages.

Leverage Mobile Responsive Trend:

More than 80% of internet users have smart phone devices and so they use multiple devices to browse online. Hence if you fail to own a mobile responsive ecommerce website design then you are missing out huge target audience.

Don’t let chance for your competitors to win the game. If your ecommerce website is not mobile responsive then immediately switch over to it.